Metabolomics analysis

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Metabolomics analysis

Metabolomic-based analysis of metabolic mechanisms underlying salinity tolerance in saline-tolerant bacteria from typical habitats.

Differential metabolites of six strains of salinity-tolerant bacteria screened from different habitats belonging to the Gram-positive and negative categories were analyzed for saline environment-responsive metabolites shared among the strains.

Bacterial metabolite analysis

Analysis of metabolites of saline-tolerant bacteria responding to saline environments.

The metabolites of Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, and six strains that have produced changes in saline environments were compared to find common metabolites that respond to saline environments. Figure 3.22 shows the Venn diagram of metabolites responsive to saline environment for different strains.

There were a total of six up-regulated metabolites in the up-regulated metabolites of the Gram-positive strains.

There were four differential metabolites common to Gram-positive strains among the down-regulated metabolites.


The composition of metabolites of six strains of saline-tolerant bacteria was analyzed by metabolomics during different growth periods in normal and saline environments.

Three of the metabolites perturbed by saline environment were found to be consistently higher than the normal environment and one was consistently lower than the normal environment in three Gram-positive bacterial strains during different growth periods. two common up-regulated metabolites and two common down-regulated metabolites were found to be present in all six strains in response to saline environment.