Synthetic biology has recently emerged as a new discipline that the public has limited knowledge of. We believe it's important to educate the general public about this subject, which is why we have started holding synthetic biology lectures aimed at young people. When it comes to potential customers, we focus on spreading knowledge about saline-resistant bacteria.

When educating and communicating, we must not confine ourselves to our project's content. We then teach individuals about synthetic biology by highlighting antisaline bacteria. Firstly, we present the project's idea. By describing our use of synthetic biology's tools in tackling issues that concern us, the audience gains knowledge of its frequent tools and applications rather than just the concerns with antisaline bacteria.

1 Lectures

In order to expand access to synthetic biology, XJU_CHINA has designed a variety of teaching methods to optimise the effect of targeting different populations.

1.1Primary School Teaching

In 2023 we travelled on a mission trip to the primary school where Xinjiang University has been helping to develop the economy. Upon arriving there, we found that local educational resources in the area were scarce. In the classroom, we supplemented the students with basic knowledge, taught them the fundamentals of synthetic biology, and shared our lab life to promote synthetic biology to the mountainous areas and lay the foundation for a synthetic biology revolution in the underdeveloped regions.

Figure 2 Lecture in primary school

1.2High School Teaching

For high school students, we conducted an offline course presentation. High school sophomores had already learned the basics of genetic engineering but knew less about synthetic biology and cutting-edge technologies, so we introduced them to synthetic biology from their basic curriculum and introduced our project to them.

Figure 2 Lecture for high school

Post information the in ins and wechat

In order to make synthetic biology accessible to the public,XJU-China conducted some online accountson wechat, ins, and X(twitter) and published science articles weekly.

The purpose of our accounts:

1. Let the public know what synthetic biology is, and stimulate their interest in synthetic biology and our project;
     2. Let more people know that we truly want to help;
     3. Bringing the people closer to us and informing us about public issues.

Figure 3 The articles we have posted

Figure 4 Our Wechat account

Figure 5 Our ins account