Who are we?
We are the XJU-China 2023 IGEM, run entirely by undergraduates. Our project called “Genetic Shield”.This is our first year in IGEM competition and we hope to do well!
What we focus on
We focus on searching the gene which can improving the ability of strains to tolerant salinity and base environment. And these will be the common gene parts that can be used by most engineering bacteria.
How we work
So, we collected six salt-tolerant bacteria from high-salinity environments such as from Aydin Lake、dung beetle、uranium mine and poplar trees, testing their tolerance levels, studying their tolerance mechanisms and using multi-omics coupling to mine key genes for salinity and base tolerance. Then we test these genes in E.coli and Bacillus subtilis.
This gene parts would be helpful for labs, factories, cultivation industry.
This project starts from the environment of Northwest China to find strains with excellent saline and alkali resistance, and screen for gene fragments that can express higher robustness through gene editing technology. This biological research can not only promote the growth of vegetation in saline environments, but also increase production efficiency in industry, make oil extraction easier, and even make great contributions to the treatment of heavy metals pollution.