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Queen Ant's Assassin

——Efficient elimination of Solenopsis invicta queen by intestinal bacteria.


Mankind's challenge of the 21st century

Global Warming and Globalization are driving Invasive Ants Proliferation Worldwide.

High Economic Costs of Worldwide Invasive Ants


The proportion of different invasive ants in total economic losses

Among three species of Solenopsis spp. , Solenopsis invicta ( S. invicta or red fire ant) accounted for most of the cost entries and economic costs.(Angulo et al., 2022)

S. invicta is regarded as the fifth Most Costly Invasive Species Worldwide. (Diagne, C. et al., 2022)

Setting the general goal of our team

A good solution for S.invicta control

Contribute to the popularization of S.invicta control knowledge, outreach, and education

Expanding Synthetic Biology Public Awareness.

Engaging Stakeholders for Community-Centric Projects

A good solution for S.invicta control

Engaging Stakeholders for Community-Centric Projects
(see Intergrated Human practice)

That is why our team decided to develop Queen Ant's Assassin (QAA).

QAA is an engineered intestinal bacterium that allows us to efficiently eliminate Solenopsis invicta Queen.
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Beyond QAA

Product vision
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first generation

second generation

third generation

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