HIV (HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS) Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the causative virus of AIDS.

HIV is a retrovirus that is highly mutable and has the ability to replicate so powerfully that it can evade the body's immune cells and drugs, survive in the body, and spread from person to person.
There is still no complete cure.
In therapeutic studies of HIV, antiviral drugs are targeted at all stages of the HIV life cycle to control HIV infection by intervening in the replication process of the virus. Antiretroviral therapy (ART), which is most commonly received by infected individuals worldwide, requires lifelong adherence to medication and is accompanied by problems of drug tolerance or resistant side effects.

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Title:Starfire:Embedded Exploration of Viral Nucleic Acids and Proteins

Abstract:We design methods for viral RNA research explorations which applied to the HIV-1 isolate ARV-2/SF2 viral genome design for RNA replication for nucleic acid integrase inhibitors, RNA vaccine development, and their potential methods for targeted drug development. Our goal was to utilize the env non-coding long chain RRE RNA and Rev proteins in the viral genome of the HIV-1 isolate ARV-2/SF2 viral strain to develop means that could be used for nucleic acid integrase inhibitors and RNA vaccines as well as targeted drugs. After constructing the RRE and Rev sequences separately, we will mainly carry out systematic studies through in vitro transcription of RRE RNA and its possible interaction with Rev protein. We will accomplish high quality in vitro transcription of RRE by T7 RNA polymerase, search for sites of interest for the interaction of high quality RRE RNA obtained by T7 RNA polymerase transcription with the viral protein Rev.