In order to better popularize the knowledge of synthetic biology and HIV prevention and treatment to the public. We deliver information to the public through different online and offline channels.


Our team has established its own WeChat official account, video account, Xiaohongshu account and other social media accounts.

Since the summer vacation, we have updated the team’s activity progress from time to time to let more people know what our team has done in iGEM practical activities and collect more people’s suggestions for us. Output video or graphic content around different topics such as synthetic biology knowledge popularization and HIV virus prevention and treatment knowledge.


Our team members come from different cities in China, which to a certain extent also expands the scope of our team’s influence. Our offline promotion is divided into two parts:

Because we want to convey different knowledge to the public, we carry out different theme activities according to different groups.

1. After school starts, we need to study in school most of the time. We also use our own efforts to influence the students around us. First, we post it in the school’s bulletin information board with the consent of the school leader. Posters for HIV science, prevention and treatment, through which students can understand how the HIV virus infects the human body, the transmission routes of the HIV virus, etc., and call on students to respect and care for HIV-infected and AIDS patients.

2. On weekends, we used our spare time to carry out community publicity work on HIV prevention in the community. After communicating with the community committee and property management, they were very supportive of our team’s activities and assisted us in launching a publicity campaign with the theme of “Keeping Love Close and Keeping AIDS Away” in Shanghai Minle City Community. We posted in the community We received AIDS prevention posters produced by our team and distributed popular science leaflets to residents in the community. After learning about them, they also expressed their sympathy and respect for HIV-infected groups and received red ribbons and blessing postcards handmade by our team. We also hope to further expand our power and influence more people.

3. A synthetic biology science popularization activity was carried out at the school, and our topics and HIV virus prevention and treatment were explained to students who were interested in the school through lectures and roundtable discussions.

Fundraising charity sale

Summer is the time when the night market economy is active. We carried out a charity sale "In the Name of Love" on streets with a lot of people. Considering the cost of the activity, our teammates did their best to raise funds. Using the cost of 480 yuan, 6 Yuanyi bought a large number of plaster dolls and sold them at a charity sale for 20 yuan, which attracted a large number of children and young students. We introduced the theme of our event to them through posters and popularized the spread of the HIV virus. and prevention and control methods, and presented red ribbons, popular science posters and team badges. A total of 1,360 yuan was received from this charity sale. We will remove the cost and donate it through the Douyin channel to the Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Foundation "Little Daisy Children's Sex Education"; China Siyuan Engineering Foundation "Growth Plan for Distressed Students" and other projects, to do our best to help those affected by AIDS in their academic learning and growth.