Through this iGEM trip, we deeply felt that education is a process of transferring energy. When we explain to children and adults the mechanism of the HIV virus's action on the human body, prevention and treatment methods, and our team's solutions during the event, we can enable them to feel the discovery and understanding of the world by science, and feel the significance of science. , knowledge sharing will be a matter of pride.

In practical activities, many young people enthusiastically participated in our actions. When we explained to them that our team was doing research on nucleic acid solutions for the HIV virus, we found that most people were interested in "RNA" and "genes". Concepts such as "Protease" are both familiar and unfamiliar. In order to assist the public's understanding, our team used promotional videos to assist popular science and produced a popular science picture book on synthetic biology "Amazing Synthetic Biology", which vividly illustrates everything from natural organisms to artificially synthesized organisms. The hand-drawn illustrations and text tell the story of what is the code of life - genes, the metaphor of building blocks to explain synthetic biology, the levels of biological systems in synthetic biology (components, devices, systems, chassis) and the reality of synthetic biology. applications, etc., so that everyone can further understand the related content of synthetic biology. The process of communication is also a process of learning from each other, especially the children. They are full of curiosity about the world. They have a wonderful perspective of observing the world and provide us with a lot of new inspiration.

In the synthetic biology science popularization activity we launched in school, we invited students from the junior high school and some high schools who are interested in biology. Through lectures, we first demonstrated basic biology "how to transcribe from DNA to RNA. "The process of translating RNA into protein" further realizes the artificial "transformation" of synthetic biology based on the operating rules of living organisms. It shows the mechanism of HIV virus acting on the human body and the ideas of our research on this topic. Communicate face-to-face with classmates to inspire their interest in learning.