Proposed Implementation

Current Problem and Motivation

The goal of our project is to create a recycling system for nylon 6. Today, clothing and outdoor equipment in which nylon is often used as a fiber is reused. However, reuse alone will one day lead to disposal. A lot of petroleum resources are used to make nylon. Furthermore, the recycling rate for clothing is only 10%. By utilizing our devices, we hope to improve these conditions and provide even more added value.
Therefore, we used human practices to identify specific problems with the current situation and came up with an implementation plan that meets the needs of our consumers.

Who are the end users?

The end users of our devices target garment manufacturers and disposal companies. Indirectly, through the use of our devices, and ultimately people will also benefit.

Market Research

We researched the technology to degrade nylon 6.
We wanted to know if the technology to degrade nylon already exists, and if so, how it is used.
There was a chemical technology to break down nylon 6, but it was impractical because it used a lot of energy.
We also learned that technology to purify the material was needed in the field.


The safety of the devices we have developed is guaranteed. Our devices are inactivated by heat and therefore do not leak externally.


Challenge & Creation2023
Acceleration Program
This is a university-wide project that subsidizes the realization of unique ideas and research projects by Kyushu University students. Under this program, students make presentations to professors and experts in their fields and seek feedback. They told us where the hearings were held and let us know if we needed to know. Since it was an on-campus competition, we were also able to exchange useful information with another organization that was trying to start a business.


As explained above, through human practices and entrepreneurship we identified current problems and challenges with the product. The following issues were identified Refining costs are an issue when introducing the device to the field. devices we develop is very important.

Future Prospects

If it becomes possible to generate adipic acid from nylon, we will be closer to achieving a carbon-neutral society. It will also lead to a reduction of waste.
Our ultimate goal is to build a social and scientific system to recycle all fibers.