Human Practice

Osamu Hashimoto, President for 62Complex,inc.

We spoke with Mr. Hashimoto, who is conducting research on urethane.
Mr. Hashimoto said that our research is in response to growing environmental awareness. He also noted that the difficulty of collecting waste nylon and the size of the facility need to be carefully considered. Ease of installation is a core asset, so the product must be easy to handle. The process of recovering nylon is also difficult, and recovery methods need to be considered.
Prior to this presentation, I was concerned that many people may feel a disconnect between their awareness of environmental issues and their impression of genetic modification technology, but I am confident that this technology will definitely be useful in the decarbonized society of the future.

Mika Gushima, QB Capital, LLC

Mr. Gushima of QB Capital gave his opinion. He pointed out that adipic acid is difficult to use as it is and that we should ultimately aim for non-adipic acid. It is important to consider cost and return, as demand will not be generated simply by being good for the environment. He also said that it is important for the public and private sectors to work together for social implementation, and that it is not necessary for them to do it on their own. However, the field of recycling is attracting worldwide attention, and we would like to continue our activities.

We interviewed a company that rents outdoor equipment.
After renting the equipment a certain number of times, the company sells it as used equipment while it is still usable.
The company is also conscious of the fact that when they purchase products, they are already being environmentally conscious at the time they basically buy new products.
When manufacturers manufacture new products, they use recycled nylon fabrics and recycled down, so even if they are not particularly conscious of it, the rental products they handle are automatically made that way because the manufacturers are switching to environmentally friendly products.
In recent years, the number of environmentally friendly products has been increasing, and we feel that environmental awareness is on the rise