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The Excessive Use Of Chemical Fertilizers Has Caused Many Environmental Problems

In 2020 the global use offertilizers reached
192 milliontonstons

Population Growth

In the mid-19th century, the global population grew at a high speed, from 2.52 billion in 1950 to 7.79 billion in 2020.


Great Thirst for Food

In order to meet the growing demand for food, the fertilizer industry has rapidly developed and the usage of global fertilizer has significantly raised.

Environmental issues that arise

For example: soil hardening,reduced soil enzyme activity, soil acidification,destruction ofsoil biological structure, etc
Therefore, coming up with some effective solutions to reduce the usage of fertilizer is particularly important for the sustainable development of agriculture.


New Discoveries

— H2

It has been shown that the increase of hydrogen gas in rhizosphere has a positive impact on plant growth and the produce of hydrogen may be related to plant stress resistance.

According to this, the means of developing the agricultural sustainably has been enriched, such as increasing the content of hydrogen in soil and reducing the use of fertilizers.


Existing Problems

Due to unstable chemical properties, It is difficult to store and transport hydrogen gas, and it is also not convenient to use hydrogen gas directly.

Our plan

The team decides to produce hydrogen rich water in a green way of Synthetic biology, which effectively solved this problem.


With the effect of ADH,FALDH and FDH, methanol can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and convert NAD+ into NADH. Then, HydABC utilizes NADH to produce hydrogen and achieve the regeneration of NAD+.


With the four enzymes coupled through protein scaffolds to improve hydrogen production efficiency, it becomes practical to produce hydrogen rich water in a green and efficient way in a liquid phase system.

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