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The makeup of the AshesiGhana team resonates perfectly with Doug Floyd’s quote “You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note.” From forming a team with different majors, different year groups, and a coalition between countries (Ghana, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia), AshesiGhana presents a team with a varying but harmonizing composition. One peculiar characteristic of our team is that 100% of the team had no prior exposure to synthetic biology before the start of this year’s iGEM season. The AshesiGhana iGEM team is made up of six engineering students (mechanical and electrical) and five computer science students. In addition, we had our amazing principal investigator (PI) and an instructor who provided guidance and support during the iGEM period, and by so doing motivated us to keep going even when things got tough. We are proud of our progress and success as a team and enjoyed the time we spent together working and having fun alongside. Biolith for gold!


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Driven by a passion for innovation and precision, I soar through the limitless skies of self-fulfillment, crafting the future of mobility with my unique vision in car and airplane design.


I am intrigued by aerospace and hope to be at the International Space Station one day! I also enjoy singing and writing.