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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Impact

Clean water and Sanitation

Illegal mining practices like "Galamsey" often cause water pollution and damage to water bodies. However, by adopting synthetic biology and responsible mining methods, we can prevent this destruction and promote clean water access while preserving aquatic ecosystems.

Affordable and Clean Energy

To meet the rising demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage, it is crucial to have a sustainable and efficient supply of lithium. Our approach involves utilizing bacteria-based detection and mining methods to speed up the extraction process and aid in the development of affordable and environmentally friendly energy technologies. This will help to increase accessibility to clean energy sources.

Ressponsible Consumption and Production

We are working on developing effective ways to recycle lithium ions to address the issue of e-waste build-up caused by lithium batteries. Our efforts aim to minimize the environmental impact of e-waste and encourage responsible consumption practices. This serves as a model for other areas that are also dealing with similar challenges.