Ever heard of the metal Lithium?

Lithium is the lightest solid on the periodic table. It possesses exceptional qualities that make it a cornerstone of modern technology. Its lightweight nature and outstanding energy storage capabilities have made it a vital component in rechargeable batteries, powering everything from smartphones to electric vehicles. Beyond gadgets, lithium is at the forefront of renewable energy solutions, contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future. our team is committed to advancing the prospecting and recycling of this metal through approaches that implement synthetic biology.

Lithium mining is a global endeavor, with extraction taking place in various countries. It's typically obtained from lithium-rich brine or hard rock deposits. This valuable resource powers our modern world, enabling rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and portable electronics. Lithium mining supports the transition to a sustainable, clean energy future.

33,000 Lithium mines globally

130,000 metric tons of lithium mined per year

USD 323.22 million generated yearly

90% of the world's batteries contain lithium

USD 3.1 billion projected revenue by 2030

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The Dream...

In a world brimming with imagination and possibility, there lived a young boy whose spirit was fueled by boundless dreams. Meet Ethan, a curious and bright-eyed adventurer, whose mind soared with fantastical visions of a future where sleek cars glided silently along the streets, powered solely by the magic of electricity.

What Next....

Driven by his unwavering passion, Ethan embarked on a journey of discovery, delving into books, conducting experiments, and exploring the limitless possibilities of harnessing electricity. He spent countless hours in his makeshift laboratory, tinkering with wires, batteries, and motors, determined to unravel the secrets that lay dormant within the world of science.

Research Research Research...

Years of education and reasearch, Ethan discovered that lithium, a silvery-white alkali metal which has the capabilities of powering electric cars. The element Li was predominantly extracted from mineral-rich regions around the globe. From the arid salt flats of South America to the ancient mineral deposits in Australia, he embarked on a virtual voyage, exploring the far-reaching landscapes where lithium reserves lay hidden beneath the Earth's surface.

Is Mining Lithium Safe...

As the sun's gentle rays crept through Ethan's bedroom window, he awoke to a rustling sound outside his door. Curiosity piqued, he hurriedly made his way downstairs, where he discovered a neatly folded newspaper lying on the doormat. Its headline read,"THE DARK SIDE OF MINING LITHIUM" With a mix of anticipation and concern, Ethan unfolded the paper, his eyes scanning the detailed exposé that painted a somber picture of the dark side of lithium extraction. The investigative report unveiled tales of devastated landscapes, polluted water sources, and dwindling biodiversity in regions scarred by rampant mining operations.

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Let The Games Begin

Empowered by a sense of purpose, Ethan's heart resonated with a calling to take action. Determined to make a meaningful impact, he set his sights on the African continent, specifically Ghana, where a beacon of hope awaited: Ashesi University.Guided by renowned professors and surrounded by like-minded researchers, Ethan embarked on an intensive exploration of synthetic biology, aiming to engineer a sustainable solution to lithium mining. Inspired by nature's own mechanisms, he envisioned harnessing the power of microorganisms to extract lithium from ores in an eco-friendly and efficient manner.