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Info Session with Ashesi University Students

The team had the opportunity to interact with other Ashesi University students in an info session organized by the team. The purpose of the gathering was to raise awareness about synthetic biology and the benefits of bacteria to mankind, as well as share our project and encourage students to enroll in the Synthetic Biology elective that the school offers. It was a very interactive session, and it was interesting to hear the views of students about bacteria and some synthetic biology applications. At the start, many of them were rather skeptical about the use of bacteria to solve a problem in society as well as the safety of our project on the environment. However, after expounding more on how the synthesizing project was done and how our project takes into account safety by including hydrogels and a UV kill switch, their perspective on the matter began to change. After the session, we had some participants approach us and express how beneficial they believe our solution would be to miners due to how sustainable it is. Those interested were also encouraged to join the next Ashesi iGEM team and to reach out to the team if they still had questions or suggestions.

Career Choices Session With High School Students

The Ashesi University 2023 iGEM team collaborated with UniGhana, a startup formed by Ashesi University students. The main goal of UniGhana is to provide senior high school students with information about the universities in Ghana and offer assistance in advancing their education. During their visit, the iGEM team shared essential information regarding potential schools that the students could apply to, including Ashesi University, African Leadership University, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and University of Cape Town. The team also shed more light on STEM-related majors and career paths, particularly those related to synthetic biology. The students were encouraged to take their career ambitions seriously and consider the opportunities available in their area of interests. Additionally, the iGEM team spoke briefly about the iGEM foundation and provided an overview of their project. Furthermore, the iGEM team went to East Airport International School, where they had an information session with high school students to get their perspective on synthetic biology.