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Judging session The session will be held at the Jamboree
Qualification Deliverables Paths to Deliverables
Project Attribution Our Attributions page lists the responsibilities of each team member, as well as stakeholders and previous iGEM teams who provided essential assistance for the project to be feasible. Read more here
Project Description We aim to use bacteria-based technologies to detect, extract, and recycle lithium in a sustainable and efficient manner. This approach is designed to reduce the environmental impact caused by lithium extraction and promote responsible management of resources. Read more here
Contributions It is crucial for us to acknowledge the wider implications and responsibilities that come with our work. In light of this, we have compiled a set of tools that can assist future teams in the development of their lab experiments, software, and hardware components. Read more here


Qualification Deliverables Paths to Deliverables
Engineering Success This page highlights the intricate flow of ideas, the continuous iterations towards our project. We harnessed cutting-edge research, as well as tools and technologies that fueled our endeavors. Visit here to learn more
Human practices This page showcases the impact of social feedback on the development of our project and our approach to the design-build-test-learn cycle for our hardware. Read more here


Excellence in Synthetic Biology Paths to Deliverables
Entrepreneurship We constructed a well-designed formal business plan based on the needs of our users and knowledge from experts. To read more about how we demonstrated entrepreneurship spirit throught our engineering design cycle, visit here
Measurements This page presents how we excellently performed a series of appropriate quantitative measurements which are well-documented, useful to other projects, reproducible and reliable. Read more here
Software We created new software tools to address some needs in synthetic biology. These tools are user friendly with thorough documentations and will be helpful to other iGEM teams and non-experts. Visit here to learn more