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The Pseudo Magazine

Our Human Practices team had a clear mission :
to address the broader societal, ethical, and practical implications of our project, recognizing the associated responsibilities.

Human Practices

We had the goal to engage with experts not only to gain technical insights but also to delve into the societal and ethical dimensions, considering real-world implications. To gain a deep understanding of the issue at its core, we conducted extensive research and interviewed a wide range of individuals. From stakeholders to the general public, we interviewed people with various roles related to soil remediations: farmers, researchers, law and econometrics professors, as well as experts in AI.

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Integrated Human Practices please click here


We also embarked on an ambitious educational mission to raise awareness about iGEM, synthetic biology and the climate crisis. Through educational programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives, we strove to effectively convey our project to a broad audience by employing accessible language and visual content. We created multiple infographics describing how Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons enter the soil and their detrimental effects, also sharing it on our social media for a bigger outreach.

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Education please click here

Finally, we created a biotech magazine where some articles discuss soil pollution and the potential dangers associated with human health, the environment, and the economy. Our magazine serves as an important educational tool by offering diverse content and perspectives in a visually engaging format. It provides readers with a convenient and accessible way to access articles on synthetic biology and the latest research, facilitating continuous learning and promoting critical thinking.