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Our collaborations

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together."

One of the main goals of our project was to build harmonious and productive relationships with other igem teams around the world. There are many IGEM teams around the world with their own unique projects, people and approaches, thanks to current technologies, we can call colleagues around the world to discuss projects, ideas, techniques and laboratory techniques. Our team is confident that mutual assistance and the exchange of experience are at the heart of the success of any project. It is during collaboration with like-minded people that the most brilliant ideas that can change the world are born

iGEM Nantes x iGEM Toulouse: French MeetUp

Last but not least, we're excited to share our recent adventure at the French Meetup organized by iGEM Nantes and Toulouse! It was an enriching and memorable experience that allowed us to connect with fellow iGEM teams from across France, exchange ideas and concerns, all while exploring the wonderful city of Toulouse! During the meetup, we had the privilege to present our project along with 8 other French teams during a poster session and a "mini Jamboree," where we won the "EUR-Bio Éco" prize for the best sustainable project. Thanks to this wonderful event, we gained valuable insights into the projects and experiences of the participating teams. But it wasn't all work and no play! We had a blast exploring the vibrant city of Toulouse through an exciting "Picture hunt"! The journey was concluded by having dinner at a local restaurant, where we all laughed, shared stories, and strengthened the connections we had built throughout the days of the meetup. We left with hearts full of inspiration and a network of friends and colleagues ready to support each other on our iGEM journeys, so we wanted to thank once again the teams of iGEM Nantes and Toulouse for organizing this unforgettable event!

iGEM Bulgaria collab: Earth Day

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, is one of the most important environmental holidays in the world. Every year on Earth Day, various events are held in many countries in support of environmental protection: garbage collection, cleaning of nature reserves and parks, reduced consumption of light and heat energy, limited movement by private transport and much more. Our team was insanely happy to take part in a collaboration dedicated to this particular day with the iGEM team from Bulgaria! The purpose of this collaboration was to encourage people to think about the current state of the Planet and pay attention to environmental pollution. By our example, we wanted to show that everyone can influence the change in the environmental situation with simple daily actions; throw garbage in the trash, sort plastic, turn off light and water… During this project, our team has organized a clean-up day for removing garbage from parks and embankments. We also tried to attract people's attention with the help of propaganda posters so we stood with a high-raised poster for environmental protection in the middle of the crowd and tried to attract their attention. We also filmed the whole process on camera in order to then spread this promotional video out on social networks in order to show more people that the state of nature depends on our daily actions and that the choices which we make today could change our future

iGEM Patras DNA collab

In honor of the World DNA Day, our team decided to participate in a collaboration with the iGEM Patras team again. The idea of this collaboration was to tell people more about DNA, its structure and functions in the body. To do this, we recorded a joint video in which we shared our knowledge and interesting facts about DNA and also told more about GMOs, our project and all the technical subtleties.

iGEM Thras Collab

As another collaboration, we worked together with the iGEM Trace team and other iGEM teams around the world to create a joint video. The purpose of this collaboration was to tell each other about their projects, share ideas, and most importantly, create a video in which each team talked about their unique iGEM experience.

A big thank you to all our fellow iGEMers !

It has been a pleasure to exchange and collaborate with all of you ! These collaborations allowed us to meet a lot of inspiring people and are leaving us with beautiful memories, so we wanted to thank everyone involved and we can't wait to see you again in Paris ! In the meantime, here's a little carousel so you can have a glimpse of these enjoyable moments :