1.  Properly wear gloves, shoes, lab coats.

2.  No eating, drinking, walking quickly a lab.

3.  Things that you will use in daily life is not allowed to bring into the lab, such as books and stuff for entertainment.

4.  Properly classify biological wastes.

5.  Ensure your hair is tied up.

6.  Always remember to clean up the lab before leaving.



1.  Never stare at UV light directly without protection of your eyes.

2.  Ensure the things you use are sterilized.

3.  Remember to spray alcohol after you put on gloves.



In our project, we only used Escherichia coli DH5a which are safe for human bodies. All relevant experiments were performed on an ultra-clean bench to avoid contamination with the rest of the experimenters. Furthermore, all strains we produce will operate in a laboratory environment and follow laboratory waste disposal rules. Discarded engineered strains will be sterilized at 121  and 20 min before being discarded as medical waste. As a result, our engineered bacteria do not spread in the natural environment.



All our experiments do not include any harm to humans, animals or genes, and are limited to small doses of gene editing and recombination.