Entreprenuership expert   i nterview with Dr. Liu Zhen

Before we finish our business plan, w e were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Liu Zhen, a PhD in Finance from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, an investment manager at Hua Yongxin Capital, and  a distinguished expert in the healthcare market. With his extensive knowledge and experience in this field, Dr. Liu proved to be an invaluable resource in our quest for information. His profound insights and thoughtful responses helped to shed light on various aspects of the health care market and provided us with a better understanding of its intricacies. Thanks to Dr. Liu's expertise, we were able to receive comprehensive and enlightening answers to our many questions.

Figure 0a&b: Interview with Dr.Liu

We began by providing a concise overview of our business plan, encompassing market research and analysis, product details and technology, target customer demographics, competitor analysis, marketing and promotional strategies, financial planning, and growth projections, followed by an  interview.



During our interview with Dr. Liu, we had the opportunity to delve into the current situation of the Levan health care product market. Dr. Liu informed us that the market has entered a prosperous phase, primarily due to an increasing number of individuals becoming more conscious about the importance of maintaining a healthy body. This growing awareness has fueled a significant demand for health care products, including those offered by Levan. Dr. Liu notice d  that there is  a new  trend in the health supplement market. More young people are becoming interested in taking care of their health. This change is because some health problems are happening to people at a younger age now.  Dr. Liu's observations provided us with valuable insights into the market's trajectory and highlighted the rising need for products that promote overall well-being.


Dr. Liu also mentioned that in the Levan health care product market, we are confronted with various challenges in our competition against other competitors. The first challenge is the highly saturated market, where numerous companies offer similar products to consumers. With an increasing number of players, differentiation becomes crucial to stand out and capture market share. Additionally, pricing strategies and value propositions need to be carefully considered to attract customers. Another challenge lies in the constant need for product innovation and research, as consumers are becoming more discerning and demanding in terms of product effectiveness and safety. Furthermore, competitive marketing and advertising strategies play a critical role in creating brand awareness and establishing a loyal customer base amidst stiff competition. Successfully addressing these challenges will enable us to carve a niche and thrive in the competitive Levan health care product market.


Possible solutions:

One possible solution is to focus on raising awareness of the Levan health care product. This can be done through targeted marketing campaigns, utilizing various channels such as social media, television, and print advertisements. For older consumers, we will consider offline promotions and seminar events, while for younger consumers, we will leverage e-commerce platforms and social media advertising.  Additionally, partnering with healthcare professionals and organizations to promote the benefits and effectiveness of our products can also help increase awareness and credibility. Further more,   we also need to increase our research and development investment and accelerate the iterative updates of our products based on market demand.


Executive Summary

High quality healthcare products’ scarcity has a serious effect on the well-being of individuals. A lack of high-quality supplements may result in a lack of essential daily body care, increasing the likelihood of people going to the hospital. The demand for supplements varies from person to person. Although there are a large number of supplements in the market, high-quality supplements are truly in demand. Team F-Levan can provide an attractive alternative for health care product production, we will be able to make those medical care products more available to everyone.


1.  Our Company

1.1  Company Introduction

Visible L e van Co.,Ltd., was established in Shanghai. We have been deeply involved in the health and wellness industry for many years, with extensive experience in the production, research and development, and sales of supplements.


1.2  Our team


Figure 1 Our team structure



1.3  Our Business Ethics


Figure 2 Our Business Ethics


2.  Our Business Project

2.1  Our Main Production

F-Levan team primarily focuses on research and development of various supplements suitable for elder people, as well as active sports nutrition products. In the field of elderly supplements, F-Levan is actively developing products to enhance metabolism, slow down aging, and improve peristalsis. In the field of sports nutrition products for young adults, F-Levan actively develop products that meet the needs of various sports enthusiasts after exercise, promoting bone and muscle repair.


2.2  Business Goals:

Team F-Levan aims to develop Levan health care products in various forms, not limiting to tablets and powders only. One of the short-term objectives is to take part in startup competitions and exhibitions to promote and grow the company, perhaps with the aid of wise investors. Our primary long-term objective is to increase the production of Levan health care product, so it is available for each and every individual. Our initial focus will be within the border of China, but our ultimate goal is to expand to other countries and have a good impact on the world as a whole.


2.3  Market Demand

Ø  Growing demand for health and wellness products: Health and wellness have been receiving greater prominence in recent years since individuals have become increasingly concerned with living healthy lives. Due to the pandemic, it highlighted the importance of having access to high-quality medical treatment. The significance of having strong healthcare systems in place, including adequate medical facilities, skilled healthcare staff, and efficient healthcare legislation. Thus, an increase in demand for health items like natural cures, organic foods, and nutritional supplements have resulted from this event. It also reflects that in the future, F-Levan's health care product market has an upward trend.

Ø  Market share: iiMedia Research data show that in 2022, the market size of China's health care products industry reached 298.9 billion yuan, an increase of 10.4%, and is expected to reach 423.7 billion yuan in 2027. The aging population, increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases, and rising healthcare costs all contribute to the industry's ongoing growth. Levan health care products may target particular niche markets, unfulfilled medical requirements, or newly discovered medical needs, putting them in a strong position to take hold of a sizeable portion of the expanding market.

Ø  Market growth potential: The aging population, increasing disposable income, and growing awareness of preventative healthcare have all contributed to the health product industry's enormous growth potential.

Ø  National policy: Today's national policy in China has played a significant role in boosting the sales of Levan health care products in several ways. The usage of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and herbal health care products, frequently referred to as "Levans," is on the rise, based on a number of regulations and initiatives implemented by the Chinese government. Levans are supported by regulations that have been put in place by the government to guarantee their efficacy, safety, and quality. 

Ø  Technology advancement: Recent advances in technology have made it possible to develop more effective and sophisticated manufacturing processes for F-Levan's healthcare goods. New developments in Biotechnology and genetic engineering fields have made it possible to produce health goods by modifying biological things. Through the modification of genetic material, the production of recombinant proteins, and the cultivation of cells for therapeutic and diagnostic reasons, these technologies enable the development of novel medications, vaccines, and therapies. This not only increased production but also lowered the market price for the F-Levan's health products. More people could benefit from the Levan health products.


2.4  PESTLE Analysis


Figure 3  PESTLE Analysis


3.  Operation and Marketing Planning

Porter's five force analysis

Figure 4  Porter's five force


3.2  Competitive Analysis

To assess our market position and identify potential areas for improvement, we have conducted a comprehensive competitor research, analyzing key players in the industry. This research aims to provide insights into our competitors' strengths, weaknesses, product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer perception. By understanding our competitors, we can better position ourselves to meet the needs of our target audience and maintain our competitive edge in the market. I mainly focus on four competing companies: Nature's Way, Gaia Herbs, Garden of Life, NOW Foods.


A.  Nature's Way:

Nature's Way is a well-established brand of natural health products that has been in business since 1969. While they do not have a specific product containing Levan, they offer several products containing lavender, which is a source of Levan. Some notable products include Calm Aid, a clinically studied lavender supplement that helps reduce tension and stress, and Cool, Calm & Collected, a blend of lavender, lemon balm, and L-theanine that supports relaxation and focus. Nature's Way products are widely available online and in retail stores across the US and Canada.


B.  Gaia Herbs:

Gaia Herbs is a certified organic herbal company founded in 1987. Similar to Nature's Way, Gaia Herbs does not offer a product explicitly containing Levan, but they provide products containing honey, another source of Levan. Notable products include Black Elderberry Syrup, a tonic supporting immune health, and Golden Milk, a turmeric-based beverage supporting healthy inflammation response. Gaia Herbs products are available online and in select retail stores in the US.


C.  Garden of Life:

Garden of Life is a brand of whole food supplements founded in 2000. Unlike the previous competitors, Garden of Life does offer a product containing Levan, Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber Powder. This product blends oligofructose-enriched inulin (OEI) and Levan to nourish beneficial bacteria throughout the colon and support digestive health. Additionally, they offer other products containing prebiotics, such as Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber and Raw Organic Fit Protein Powder. Garden of Life products are available online and in retail stores worldwide.


D.  NOW Foods:

NOW Foods is a family-owned manufacturer of natural health products established in 1968. While they do not have a specific product containing Levan, they offer several products containing prebiotics, such as Inulin Powder, Prebiotic Bifido Boost Powder, and Prebiotic Fiber with Fibersol-2. NOW Foods also offers products containing honey or lavender, such as Honey-Roasted Pecans, Lavender Oil, and Lavender & Tea Tree Oil. NOW Foods products are available online and in retail stores across the US and Canada.


Our Conclusion:

To maintain a competitive advantage in the market, our company should focus on highlighting the specific advantages of Levan in our health products, including natural raw materials and human health benefits, including natural raw materials and human health benefits. By targeting consumers seeking organic and natural solutions, we can position ourselves uniquely in the industry. It is crucial to continually monitor the market landscape and keep abreast of consumer preferences to stay ahead of evolving trends. Leveraging Levan’s health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, constipation improvement, anti-cancer and more, to effectively promote our products will help us stand out from our competitors and consolidate our market position. Additionally, investing in research and product innovation can further enhance our competitiveness in the health care market, ensuring long-term success and growth for our company.



Figure 5  Comparing Metrics


3.3  Perception Map


Figure 6  Perception Map

3.4  SWOT Analysis

Ø  Strengths:

1. Natural and renewable source: Levans are polysaccharides derived from plants, making them a natural and sustainable ingredient.

2. Versatility: Levans have various applications, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and agricultural industries.

3. Health benefits: Levans are known for their prebiotic properties, promoting a healthy gut microbiome, and potentially offering therapeutic benefits.

4. Cost-effective production: Levans can be produced through microbial fermentation, which can be a cost-effective and efficient process.


Ø  Weaknesses:

1. Limited awareness: The Levan industry might suffer from limited public awareness about Levans and their benefits.

2. Extraction challenges: Extracting Levans from plants can be technically challenging, requiring specialized knowledge and equipment.

3. Shelf life: Levans may have a limited shelf life, which can pose challenges for storage and distribution.


Ø  Opportunities:

1. Rising demand for natural products: As consumers increasingly seek natural and sustainable ingredients, Levans can meet this demand.

2. Growing health and wellness market: Levans' prebiotic properties align with the growing interest in gut health and healthy living.

3.  Expansion into new industries: Levans can explore opportunities in industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and agriculture.


Ø  Threats:

1. Competition: The Levan industry faces competition from other prebiotic ingredients, such as inulin or oligofructose.

2. Regulatory challenges: Compliance with regulations and standards for food and pharmaceutical industries can pose obstacles.

3. Uncertain market acceptance: The market acceptance of Levans in various industries may vary, with potential challenges in gaining widespread adoption.


3.5  Nature of the product: 

Physical properties:  powder form

Ø  First, powder products are more convenient than liquid or solid products. Powder products are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport and handle.  

Ø  Second, powder products have a much longer shelf life, far longer than liquid or solid products. The composition of powder products makes them extremely resistant to deterioration or degradation, resulting in durable products that exhibit commendable cost-effectiveness.  

Ø  Third, powdered products have superior stability beyond that of liquid or solid products and are particularly unaffected by harsh environmental conditions. These powders are rarely adversely affected by temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation or other factors that can seriously affect the efficacy and quality of the product.  

Ø  Fourthly, powder products offer unprecedented cost-effectiveness compared to their liquid or solid counterparts. Their modest packaging material requirements, reduced transportation costs and rational use of storage space, all of which reflect the frugal nature of powder products, offer attractive possibilities for minimizing overall production and distribution costs.

Ø  Last but not least, powdered products have an inherent resistance to spills or leaks during transportation or use, in contrast to liquid products. This beneficial characteristic minimizes the harmful effects of careless soiling or excess waste, thus ensuring a seamless, convenient experience for the discerning consumers. 


3.6  The unique advantages of Levan (chemical properties) 

Ø  Solubility: Levan is usually soluble in water and forms viscous solutions. The solubility of Levan depends on factors such as temperature, concentration, and molecular weight.

Ø  Prebiotic Potential: Lev coumarins are prebiotics that are a food source for beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. They promote the growth and activity of these bacteria in the digestive system. 

Ø  Rheological Behavior: Levan solutions are non-Newtonian, meaning that their viscosity varies with factors such as concentration, temperature, pH, and shear rate. This rheological behavior allows it to be used in targeted applications in a variety of industries.

Ø  Functional properties: Levans have functional properties such as emulsification, foaming, water binding and film forming capabilities. These properties allow them to be used in a variety of formulations and products.

Ø  Stability: Although the stability of Levans can be affected by factors such as moisture and temperature, they are usually stable during storage. Proper storage conditions help maintain their chemical properties. 


3.7  Complimentary Services

Pre-sale service:

Ø  Product Consultation and Answers: Customers can consult us about Levan products by phone, email, or online chat, etc. Our professional team will provide detailed answers and assist customers in choosing the most suitable products.

Ø  Sample provision: We can provide samples of Levan products to customers for trial and evaluation, so that customers can understand the quality and performance of products.

Ø  Technical support: We can find a professional technical team, which can provide customers with technical guidance and advice on Levan products, including application methods, dosage and so on.


Transportation service:

Ø  Rapid transportation: We adopt express delivery or professional logistics company to ensure the rapid transportation of Levan products to ensure that the products reach customers as early as possible.

Ø  Safe Packaging: We will take appropriate packaging measures to ensure the safety of Levan products during transportation and avoid any possible damage to the products.

Ø  Transportation tracking: We will provide the transportation tracking number simultaneously so that customers can know the location and delivery time of the products in real time.


After-sales service:

Ø  After-sales consulting: Customers can contact our after-sales team at any time if they encounter any problems or have any needs during the process of using the products, and we will provide timely answers and assistance.

Ø  Product Returns: If the product received by the customer has quality problems or does not match the order, we will provide return and exchange services according to the specific circumstances.

Ø  Feedback collection: We attach great importance to the opinions and suggestions of our customers and will regularly collect and analyze their feedback in order to continuously improve our products and services.


3.8  Packaging

Our prototype: The prototype of our product is a powdered Levan product.


(These are wholesale packaging and individual packaging form for powdered product


(This is the bag used to package our products.)


4.  Marketing and Sales Development

4.1  Offline Sales Development

Participate in industry exhibitions and fairs: Rent booths to display Levan products and have face-to-face communication and promotion with potential customers.

Organize product promotion activities: Organize product promotion activities in hospitals, health supermarkets and other places, distribute product samples and provide professional product interpretation and consultation.

Establish cooperation with health organizations: Cooperate with nutritionists and health organizations to conduct health lectures and trainings to promote the health advantages of Levan. (More effective for young and middle-aged)

Make peripheral products that promote Levan, targeting specific groups of people:  For example, for the elderly, the promotion and introduction of Zopolysaccharide products can be printed on cloth bags and fans and distributed to the elderly.


4.2  Online Sales Development

Establishment of e-commerce platform: create a professional product official website as well as a sales platform to provide detailed product information and purchase channels to facilitate customers to buy Levan products online.

Social media marketing:  Utilize social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Jitterbug and other social media platforms to continuously release marketing content of Zolpidem products, including product advantages, user cases, expert recommendations, etc., to attract the attention of potential customers and to promote the dissemination and sale of the products.

Search Engine Optimization:  Improve the search ranking of the official website by means of keyword optimization and website optimization to increase the discovery and click rate of potential customers.


5.  Risk Management

The medicine safety in the health and wellness industry have always received significant public attention. If medicine safety and quality issues occur they can have a devastating impact on the company. Therefore, we have adopted corresponding control measures to address food safety issues.

In our project, we only used Escherichia coli DH5a which are safe for human bodies. All relevant experiments were performed on an ultra-clean bench to avoid contamination with the rest of the experimenters. Furthermore. All strains we produce will operate in a laboratory environment and follow laboratory waste disposal rules. Discarded engineered strains will be sterilized at 121C and 20 min before being discarded as medical waste. As a result, our engineered bacteria do not spread in the natural environment.


6.  Finance Forecast

6.1  Our Price Settlement

The product preparation of our projects is priced at cost because it ensures that the product sells at a higher price than manufacturing and operating costs, resulting in profitability. This helps businesses maintain healthy profitability and fund future growth.


Figure 7  Finance Planning

1.Cost pricing can determine a reference point for businesses to measure the market competitiveness of their products. By comparing costs to market prices, businesses can tell if their products are reasonably priced or overpriced.

2.Cost-based pricing strategies are relatively simple and easy to manage. Businesses can track and control costs and reflect them directly on product pricing. This can help businesses maintain a balance between cost and price.

3.Pricing at cost provides transparency into product prices. Customers can more easily understand the pricing formation process of the product and better assess the value of the product. This helps build customer trust and loyalty.

While pricing at cost has its advantages, factors such as market demand, competition, and consumer behavior need to be considered when developing a complete pricing strategy.


Break even Analysis

¥9,800,72 / ( ¥25- ¥1 ) = 410,000 kilograms of Levan that we must sell in one year to break even.

(Since the strains we need to cultivate are almost cost-free, we need a huge output to achieve our set goals, so the total required strains only need 1 RMB.)


6.2  Projected Timeline


Figure 8  Growth Rate Trend


Figure 9  Projected Timeline


6.3  Sales Forecasting

In the next ten years, the production of Levan will maintain a continuous growth state. Due to the increasing global demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products. The global demand for sustainable development and environmentally friendly products is increasing. As one of the biodegradable materials, Levan meets this demand and is expected to be promoted.

Secondly, we learned the government can promote the application of Levan by promoting environmental protection policies and regulatory measures. Encouraging manufacturers to use Levan, limiting the use of conventional plastics, may boost sales. In our most important aspect of manufacturing, the improvement of manufacturing costs and technical levels will have an impact on its market competitiveness.

So according to our estimate of the data, the total cost of our first year of production in 2023 will need to be 9.8 million, but we can achieve revenue of 125 million through our high yield technology and thus achieve profitability.

In conclusion, Levan, as a sustainable material, has broad application prospects. As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, the market demand for Levan will continue to grow.


Figure 10  Sales Forecast Template




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