Marvelous Journey of Levan: Unveiling the Magic of Health!
Safeguarding your well-being
I am the adorable and lively Levan! A fructan with potential health benefits, I have garnered widespread attention due to my reported anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and immunity-enhancing properties in recent years!
However, my high production cost and complex extraction methods have limited my extensive use of consumer products, preventing me from fully unleashing my positive impact. But fear not! Our research team "F levan" is diligently seeking solutions to overcome these challenges.
Our research aims to develop a high-throughput screening method by combining fluorescence intensity, gene expression, and levan production levels. We can rapidly and effectively identify high-yield strains, providing a plentiful source of raw materials for health prod- uct manufacturers or other industries.
Build strength enhance immunity
Fight against tumors Safeguard lives
Revitalize the skin beauty everlasting
Moisturize the intestines banish constipation