In the current global food security crisis, we find ourselves at a critical crossroads. The global population continues to expand, yet limited arable land resources are under threat, resulting in the persistent issue of global hunger, which has not improved even before and after the pandemic.

Our project aims to reduce losses in the agricultural production process, increase crop yields to meet the growing demands of the population. We are exploring an innovative approach using synthetic biology to construct an early warning system for drought and biotic stress, enabling plants to interact with humans by changing the color of their leaves to convey their physiological status. This allows for timely actions to be taken, reducing crop losses and contributing to the sustainability of global food supply.

Our project represents a revolutionary approach dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for global food supply, not only in terms of innovation but also in our commitment to creating a better world.

The repository used to create this website is not available at gitlab.igem.org/2023/hnu.