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Our Team

Personal Interests: Oil Painting, Vocal Music, Musical Instruments
Vice Captain
It looks like a sociopathic pain in the ass. A high school research worker who doesn't have to stay at school and is always active in the labs at the university. It's usual for him to work until 3:00 a.m. What he can't stand is when he didn't finish the experiments he supposed to do. The mess left behind by his teammates, even if it's bad, he can still clean it up. Teammate's comment: the soul of the team's experiments
Wet Lab Lead
Hi,I'm 顾宇涵, but you can call me Johnny as well. I am a former ninth-grader at DTD Academy. My hobbies include baseball, floor hockey, soccer and biological experiments. Other than that, I love classical music and enjoy playing violin, especially with an orchestra. Some of my major academic passions include biotechnology and genetics. Generally, I work very well within a team, as I am capable of not only performing work myself, but also communicating with my teammates. Thus, no matter what team I'm working with, I will make sure that we are making good progress and achieving our goal ahead of time.