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Team contribution

1. 3 new basicparts - positive promoters NtNRAMP2, NtNRAMP5, NtNRAMP6 that can respond to cadmium to a certain extent in tobacco leaves have been added

clean water
Cadmium (50ng/μL)
blank comparison
positive control
Conclusion Strong response, strong specificity Strongly responsive, weakly specific,
this promoter may be responsive to
drought in addition to cadmium
Strong response, strong specificity

2.A set of plant chassis-based promoter element function validation experimental methodology that has been iteratively verified through repeated experiments and can be closed-looped in different segments, with detailed SOPs to facilitate reproduction by subsequent teams.

3.Provide 2 E. coli vectors and maps containing GUS and GFP functional genes, which can be used for plant promoter function verification.

4.The innovative program of monitoring cadmium pollution in the environment based on synthetic biology methods and plant sensors has been provided to enterprises involved in environmental monitoring and treatment of heavy metal pollutants, which determines the social value and application prospects of the project in the long term, and provides sufficient confidence for other research teams who are interested in making efforts in this direction.

Visit to Shenzhen Ecological Environment Monitoring Station

Visit to Shanghai Wenxin Technology

Visit to Shanghai Xinjinqiao Company

Visit to Shanghai Jinshan District Ecological Environment Monitoring Station

5.In conducting plant chassis experiments for better plant care, watering models are built to determine the point in time when plants are suitable for watering