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In the early stages of the project, the GreatBay-SCIE team and our team actively consulted with many relevant personnel on possible problems and general principles that should be considered in the project, and actively listened to the suggestions of teachers and experts. After sorting out the information and relative suggestions, the two teams decided to jointly send invitations to experts from the BGI Bioethics Committee. We hoped that we can use this direction as the theme to carry out ethics-related science courses and professional consulting support, since other teams in the iGEM project may meet the similar problems, but there may be no relevant professionals to give them useful advices. We hoped that through this conference, we could help other teams conduct scientific research exploration and project practice on the premise of fully understanding the ethics of life and ecology.

The meeting was held online at 7:30 pm (CST)on August 2, 2023. The meeting lasted for a total of one hour. The title of the meeting was "IGEM Synthetic Biology Ecology and Plant Direction Bioethics Course Implementation Discussion". A total of 7 people participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, BGI bioethics teachers greatly appreciated the suggestions put forward by the two teams and actively discussed related matters. However, considering that the competition process for this year (2023) had already halfway through, if this course will be launched, problems such as invitation of experts and insufficient preparation time may arise. We finally decided that we will organize the bioethics education event on this topic together for the second year. In addition, we also agreed on the next time the two teams will meet.

The GreatBay-SCIE team visited BGI on September 3 and continued to discuss the basic principles of bioethics as well as issues and aspects that experimentalists and researchers should consider during the actual implementation of the iGEM project. Experts from the BGI Bioethics Committee Have in-depth exchanges. 3 representatives from the Dawan Area team participated in the discussion, and 1 representative from tour team also participated in the discussion. After the discussion, the representative of our team actively invited GreatBay-SCIE team to visit our team’s laboratory. During the visit to the laboratory, the two teams communicated with each other about the experimental content of both parties, and put forward their own opinions on what could be added to the project and what should be paid attention to. After the visit, the two teams studied and discussed the work plans and arrangements for the next stage.