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Cadmium Pollution

Refers to the contamination of the environment, particularly soil and water, by the toxic heavy metal cadmium (Cd). Once in the environment, cadmium can persist for long periods and poses serious risks to ecosystems and human health.


Specialized type of biosensor designed to detect and respond to specific environmental factors or contaminants using plants as the sensing element. Utilize the natural sensitivity of plants to changes in their surroundings, in our case, cadmium ions.


A fascinating natural phenomenon where living organisms, emit visible light as a result of a chemical reaction within their cells. In our experiment, use as a visible final result of our detecting sensor.

Brief introduce
of our project

The innovative technology for real-time monitoring of soil cadmium concentration using phytoluminescence through multi-disciplinary knowledge and high school students' explorations, which revolutionizes the efficiency of soil quality monitoring and helps to protect the environment and biological health, developed by BGI-Mammoths EDU-China.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an environmentally friendly biosensor capable of efficiently and visually detecting cadmium pollution. Our responsibility is to harness the potential of biology to contribute to the betterment of the Earth's environment, while cherishing and celebrating every stride we make in this endeavor.

  • Developing an environmentally friendly biosensor
  • Harnessing the potential of biology
  • Cherishing and celebrating every step

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