Protein Design Auxiliary Platform


In the process of scientific research, people usually need to modify certain proteins, such as enzymes and antibodies, to improve their performance. Protein stability is often affected by other factors such as pH, temperature, and solvent. And as the application of computer science in the field of biology, using computer science to solve biological problems will be a trend in the future.


For many green-hands in synthetic biology, there are various biological tools on the Internet, which are extremely costly to learn and very troublesome to use, which invisibly raises the threshold for synthetic biology.


We have built a full-process auxiliary protein optimization platform, from protein sequence import, to multiple sequence alignment, model prediction, mutation site viewing, structural analysis, to downstream vector selection, codon optimization, signal peptide excision, and primer design. Protein sequence optimization.


Prot-DAP can help scientific researchers reduce time costs and complete predictions faster.We try our best to simplify the user interface as much as possible to make it more intuitive. We have added data of several commonly used plasmids, which can save a considerable number of users from the trouble of searching and entering vectors by themselves.


Due to algorithm limitations, we can currently only perform protein sequence modifications of approximately 200aa at most.