Bronze Medal
  1. Competition Deliverables
    1. Wiki
      You’re looking at our wiki right now!

    2. Project Promotion Video
      You can watch our project promotion video here!

    3. Presentation Video

    4. Judging Session
      See you in Paris!

  2. Project Attributions
    You can see our team attributions here!

  3. Project Description
    You can see our team description here!

  4. Contribution
    This year, we contribute a few things to the iGEM community:
    1. New Parts Registry
      We contribute the first Loop Initiated RNA Activator (LIRA) application, allowing the future teams to use this part to detect small nucleic acid fragments with a reporter gene translation! More on that here BBa_K4914000

    2. New Composite Parts
      Our new composite part BBa_K4914001 consists of the T7 minimal promoter BBa_K1614000, the LIRA sequence BBa_K4914000, the aeBlue chromoprotein coding sequence BBa K864401, and double terminator BBa B0010, BBa B0012. The composite part could be transcribed as a functional RNA that could detect miR-21 or miR-92a, and express aeBlue chromoprotein in response.

    3. Models
      We use three different model to predict our results:
      1. Approached ON-OFF Metrics

      2. LIRA Toehold Optimization Multivariate Regression Pipeline

      3. LIRA Expression System Modeling

    4. These models could be used by future iGEM teams facing similar problems!

    You can find more about our contribution here!
All of our labs are Biosafety Level (BSL) 2, equipped with open benches and Laminar Air Flow (LAF) hoods. Additionally, the lab technicians in each lab provided us with a brief introduction to lab safety rules and direct training on using certain tools for our experiments.
Silver Medal
  1. Engineering Success
    A total of 6 DBTL cycles have been conducted with the details here!

  2. Human Practices
    Conforming to the AREA framework, we managed to interview 9 different stakeholders with varying backgrounds (Medical Doctor, Experts, Public Health Institutions, Scientists/Researchers, and Family of Patient), allowing us to integrate the inputs given back from each of the meetings. Further information about it can be read here!
Gold Medal
  1. Model
    We conduct a data-driven design process by zoom-in on our project to optimize LIRA toehold sensitivity using machine learning and zoom-out by analyzing LIRA OR gate expression using kinetic modeling. Explore our data-driven design process to reach high sensitivity EcN-LIRA based biodevice here!

  2. Inclusivity
    Ensuring that no limitation can inhibit one’s access to the information and education that we strive to deliver, we have incorporated numerous aspects that support inclusivity, including: Socioeconomic Status, Disability, and Origin. Further information about it can be read here!

  3. Education
    Being the cornerstone of our project, we have conducted 8 multi-level educational programs that cover various groups of people: K-12 Students, College Students, and the General Public. Surveys were done before and after each program execution to measure its impact. Further information about it can be read here!
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