Data from Global Cancer Statistics 2020 shows that the combination of colon and rectum cancer holds for approximately 10% () and 9% () of all cancer incidence and death in the world respectively [1].
In Indonesia, colorectal cancer stands at rank 4th and 5th of the most incidence and deaths respectively in Indonesia. It holds approximately 8.4% () and 7.6% () of all cancer incidence and death in Indonesia respectively [2].
Whereas, data from the Jogja Cancer Registry indicate that CRC ranks as the second among the most frequently encountered cancer cases in Yogyakarta with cases from 2008-2019 [3].
A majority of CRC patients are diagnosed at advanced stages due to the difficulties in diagnosis even though early diagnosis plays a crucial role in determining the success of therapy [3].
However, current early screening methods have their own problems, especially at premalignant stages of CRC and its accessibility in rural areas [4].

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