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During iGEM Jamboree 2023, the iGEM UGM-Indonesia team also participated in Hackathon iGEM 2023. Our team consists of Kayla Queenazima S. (Drylab), Afra Majida H. (Human Practice), Farrel Amroe A. (Wiki), and Matin Nuhamunada (Advisor).
Our project‚ÄĚs background is based on problems faced nowadays when exploring iGEM previous projects. Over the years, iGEM teams around the world have contributed in solving the world one biobrick at a time. These are amazing resources, but right now a lot of us spend a considerable amount of time manually searching for components through team wikis and the part registry. Our UGM iGEM Hackathon team proposes a project discovery analytic dashboard where teams can organically search, explore, and gain insights from all of that knowledge using some tech stack such as graph network, data visualization, and some NLP tech. We hope that this could become the compass to guide future teams navigating the amazing biodiversity of the iGEM projects and registries. Do access our projects documentations here and our pitch for the hackathon below
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