We are nominating our exceptional team for the iGEM award in the category of Best Integrated Human Practices. Our approach goes beyond the lab, actively engaging with stakeholders, industries, and academic experts to ensure that our project not only advances the frontiers of synthetic biology but also addresses real-world challenges. Our human practices page provides more details on our holistic approach to synthetic biology. Go to our iGHP page!


From designing captivating educational modules and interactive workshops to effectively communicating our project, we've consistently strived to bridge the gap between science and society. Our team's ability to convey complex scientific concepts with clarity and enthusiasm has not only enriched our own iGEM experience but has also empowered us to inspire and educate others, including school and college students and the public. We believe that our dedication to education and communication sets us apart, making us deserving candidates for the Best Education and Communication Award. Go to our Education page!


The new basic part we submitted to the registry is a nitroreductase enzyme, which catalyzes the conversion of nitro to amino groups. A specific NO2 group in an aromatic compound is reduced to NH2 by a 2-electron transfer mechanism. This is type-1 nitroreductase, which is oxygen-insensitive. This can reduce nitro compounds in the presence of oxygen. This can be used for the environmental degradation of nitroaromatic compounds. This part has been characterized and uploaded to the Parts Registry for future iGEM teams to use. Take a look at our New Basic Part:BBa_K4864000