Collaborations with other iGEM Teams around the world

Since the beginning of the iGEM competion we had the great pleasure to collaborate with many other wonderful iGEM Teams. These collaborations were source of much joy and creativity for our group. Be it the production of an educational video with the Team Frankfurt or the design of agar Art for the Taipei Team we got to have fun and create many interesting and creative projects. Not only that but we were also part of several Team Meetings with iGEM Teams around the world to discuss projects and share experiences during this time.

Collab with iGEM Bulgaria

Because the Team Bulgaria was also working on antibiotics in wastewater, we decided to collaborate.

We had two Meetings with them to share about our plans and the struggles we have to face during the projects. Furthermore, we took part in their little collaborative projects, in one they wanted to create a card game related to bacteria and antibiotics, so we helped them, by providing some information about typical bacterial infections in Germany and antibiotics to treat them. For the other one, we designed an icebox with a little story.


Collab with iGEM Frankfurt

The Team Frankfurt is also researching on biosensors for antibiotics, so we decided to do a collaboration. We had an online meetup and created together with them, a short video about the right handling of antibiotics in the lab. This we posted simultaneously on Instagram. First of all, to create content but also to promote each other’s projects.


Smaller collabs

igem iisertvm

We participated at the collaboration with iGEM iisertvm, which are asking for a yoga related picture or video. Because we were quite busy in this time to organise everything, Beyza decided to take a photo of her own, practicing some yoga movements.



Psuxigem invited us to take part in their puzzle collab, therefore we handed in our Team picture and answered a quick questionnaire.

igem NTHU

Team NTHU from Taiwan had the idea to create a map of a lot of iGEM teams all around the world. So, we decided to participate in this one as well and represent Bochum on this Map.

igem aix marseille

The iGEM Team aix Marseille invited us to send them a picture of our favourite plant and add some information, therefore we decided to take a picture in the botanical garden of our university and gave some facts about the bald cypress which is growing in our tertiary pond and can get up to 1000 years old.



Rafael and Danko from our Team also participated in an Interview collaboration from INSA ENS Lyon 1. They asked us for our knowledge about antibiotics, the usage, resistance, future tools to stop it. After they got all the collaboration videos with the interviews, they created two parts of an Instagram reel.

igem Nantes

Nantes invited us to create some agar art, so Vivian drew with xy a portrait of alexander Flemming, the pioneer of antibiotics.


We decided to collaborate with Team KCIS from Taipei, we helped them to translate their picture book into German.

Moreover, we sent them a Postcard and had a Meeting together with them, to discuss about our progress, aims and problems we faced in our journey so far.

There were even more little collaborations from other teams we participated in, but it would be too much to list them all, at this point: thanks for all teams who invited us for their creative and interesting collaborations.

Our own small collab

We also introduced our own little collaboration to teams around the world. Since Lab journals are usually pretty boring we thought it would be fun to decorate them to bring a little color and joy into the daily labwork.