Here we want to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to our idea and its realization.

Our team

Beyzanur Celebi: Team leader, project coordination and organization, wet and dry lab team, wiki team, VAAM team, fundraising video team (script)

Vivian Linke: wet lab team, fundraising, video team (animations), social media team, human practices team, wiki team

Raffael Brysch: Wet lab team, human practices team, wiki team, came up with the idea of a rapid test for antibiotics, video team (script)

Joe Smitka: Wet lab team, video team (narrative),

Laua Dobrandt: Social media team, human practices team, wiki team, fundraising

Elias Windisch: Wet lab team, wiki team

Kira Reffgen: Social media team

Danko Vulas: wet lab team, fundraising, human practices team, video team (editing), wiki team

Being a part of iGEM not only required a focused and motivated team, but also a lot of help and support in every aspect of the competition. We are sincerely grateful to have our PI, our instructor and our advisors that guided us through this experience. With your help you all enabled the possibility for us to participate in iGEM.

We want to thank...

...Our Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Dirk Tischler:
Professor at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Group leader of the Microbial Biotechnology research group. Without his dedication this team would have never formed. He provided us with guidance through the competition as our principal investigator, lab space to work in, basic materials to start our research, funds to send us to the grand jamboree and ideas for sponsors.

...Our Instructor:

Dr. Anna Christina Ngo: As our instructor she guided and assisted us through the whole journey. If it was questions regarding lab procedure or even when we needed biological materials such as genes e.g. for the superfolder GFP, we could always count on her!

...Our Advisors

Fabian Schultes: He always helped us troubleshooting, provides us with protocols and even filmed a few clips for our videos.

David Guanzon: he helped us troubleshooting, provided us with the idea of performing conjugation and gave us some of his competent E. Coli S17 cells.

Florian Riemers: He helped us with our cloning and as a former iGEM participant he gave us insight in the competition.

...The whole research group Microbial Biotechnology, and especially

Dr. Carolin Mügge: For organizing a meeting where we could practice our presentations in front of an audience.

Daniel Eggerichs: For the great feedback and his general advise on how to speak at a conference.

Tobias Rapsch: For seeing extremely small colonies on a plate we otherwise would have discarded.

...Friends of our Team

Christina Leonie Schröder: For teaching us how to create animation via PowerPoint.

Leon Müller: For aiding us in the construction of our wiki.

...Our sponsors

Our university and faculty

The research group Microbial Biotechnology

SnapGene: They provides us with licenses of their software.

New England Biolabs: for supporting us with restriction enzymes, competent cells and assembly master mixes.

Eurofins: For funding us with synthesized DNA Eppendorf: For providing us with general lab equipment. Quantabio: For sending us one of their DNA polymerase. Beckman Coulter: For their purification kit Machery Nagel: For their purification kits