This was the world before the plastic

This is our world with extensive use of plastic

More than 400 million tons of plastic are produced in the world. According to experts, in the period from 1950 to 2018, more than 8.5 billion tons of plastic were produced. Plastic waste is recycled only 5-10%, 12% is incinerated, and 79% ends up in the environment and landfills.




PET plastic bottles can be physically recycled in a relatively straightforward way by drying and granulating the cleaned and discarded bottles.

A process for depolymerizing used PET plastic bottles under specific reaction conditions to produce beneficial compounds, such as low-grade fuel gasoline.

Recycling materials need a lot of energy and are frequently more expensive than polymers that are brand new

Waste PET plastic bottles should be cut into pieces, HDPE, aluminum, paper, and adhesive should be separated from PET, and then the PET should be washed, dried, and pelletized

Low cost, new polymers, and low energy consumption for recycling.

Microplastics may also be created during this process.

This microplastic contamination has been caused by problematic recycling of these PET polymer particles.

However, because the procedure is so straightforward, recycled raw materials are mostly used to make products that do not directly come in contact with people.


There is a way to degrade PET plastic at




Without producing any
toxic byproducts

Multiple teams wanted to contribute to the solution of this plastic pollution problem

And our NIS_Kazakhstan team is also joining the ranks of teams to solve this global problem, using synthetic biology.

We have designed

That facilitates rapid plastic decomposition

Enzymes found in

Ideonella sakaiensis

PET hydrolase

MHET hydrolase

Work in synergy to achieve stepwise plastic degradation.

Last year we were not able to complete our project, but our research inspired and fulfilled us with the strong will to bring our brightest ideas into life. That is why we are working hard trying to complete our research idea and to prove our concepts