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We decided to devote another section on education to our own game, from the IGEM NIS-KAZAKHSTAN team.

This is a game from our IGEM-"Bacterium" team, which describes the goal of our project in an entertaining and gaming format.

The game itself resembles a life simulator of our modified bacterium Pseudomonas Putida (which we developed to solve the global problem of plastic pollution), which eats and decomposes different types of plastic on its way and thus increases its level and type of modification of its plasmid.

This game is a 14+ category, due to the presence of many topics and terms related to Synthetic Biology, so for younger users, they may be new and not understandable. It has a very nice and beautiful interface with graphics in its style.
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About the Game

The main character and object of this game is a bacterium that goes out in search of various types of plastic and their remains in the form of compounds in different locations. When passing each level of this game, the bacteria undergo modification in the laboratory. Modification of the game object is the removal of the old gene in the plasmid, and the introduction of new ones, such as PETase and MHETase, through the process of "heat shock".

In this game, there are only 3 main locations where the bacteria eat various types of plastic: a coral reef, a rocky desert, and a magical forest. Increasing the level affects the location change, the number of decomposed bottles, and its complexity, thus: 1st level - coral reef, where it is easiest to find large plastic vessels due to the small area of the territory; Level 2 is a rocky desert, where many plastic bottles are hidden behind rocks; The 3rd level is a magical forest, which has the largest area with various types of plants, which makes it difficult to find bottles.

The plastic eating system is simple, thanks to the prompts: first study the type of plastic, then decompose it. After eating the bottles, a frame appears with information about the type of plastic and its features. This information is extremely important for completing the game because there will be test questions on them during the game.

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Where Can I Play?

You can play the game by downloading it in our Telegram channel!