Qiansong Luo(student leader)

NFLSFC_Nanjing_China.I just can’t wait to participate in IGEM.I am really really interested in biology ,though it is not in my curriculum.Consequently,challenges always took place during my process of finishing the programme,but nothing could deter me.

Xiaoyu Zhang(student leader)

Hi! I’m Xiaoyu Zhang from Nanjing, I am really keen on biology and chemistry.Moreover,I am not afraid of challenges any time!!

Kexin Li(student leader)

Hi!I’m Kexin Li from NFLSFC.I love mathematics and am interested in knowledge related to economics and environment.I will accomplish my work enthusiastically as much as possible

He Song(student leader)

Hello!I’m He Song from Nanjing. I am kind and helpful, , and I am very willing to attend this competition as it offers me various experiences which are super influential to my plan of having further education abroad

Chenxu Li

Hello, my friends. I am a handsome student in our school. Among all my subjects, Chemistry is my favorite so that I am so excited to join our team.

Jiayu Zheng

Hello,I’m Jiayu Zheng from Nanjing.I am fascinated by Chemistry and Economics.At the same time,I really enjoy playing piano to kill my time

Zhangrui Jiao

Hello name is Zhangrui favorite subject is biology.I would like to learn more about biology and that’s why I join IGEM.

Jiarui Zhang

Hello, my name is Jiarui Zhang. I am willing to face uncertainty and protect the environment by using my academic knowledge.By the way,I am really addict to video games

Jiashuo Zhang

Hi, l am Jiashuo Zhang from NFLSFC. My brain is very flexible,at least I think so . During daily life,I tend to explore unknown things which provides me with the sense of accomplishment after solving those problems

Yichen Liu

Aloha!I am an extroverted girl with a lot of hobbies ,but the one with the most confidence is drawing,so I designed some cartoon images for my teammates

Kerui Bao

Solving painful mathematic questions is my biggest advantage.I will try my best to provide my teammates with academic support.

Yutong Sun

Hi!I am a extroverted girl as I help my team do the human practices

Haotian Yin

I am a comparative laggard among my outstanding teammates ,but I won’t lose heart as I am going to overtake them someday.

Yanlin Xu

I am from NFLSFC ,and my hobby is very simple which is hanging out with my best friends