After our method is accepted and enters the market, the crucial next step is commercialization. Throughout this phase, it is imperative to highlight the significance of Cadmium testing paper. Cadmium, a toxic heavy metal prevalent in water and soil, presents substantial risks to both the environment and human health. Utilizing the rapid testing capabilities of cadmium testing paper, we can promptly identify areas with cadmium pollution, thereby mitigating the later expenses associated with remediation and restoration.

This not only helps reduce the environmental burden but also avoids the high costs that can accumulate due to long-term undetected cadmium pollution. The rapid testing ability of cadmium testing paper is crucial for monitoring the quality of water sources and soil, especially for agriculture and industrial production. Timely detection and measures to reduce cadmium pollution levels can ensure the fertility of farmland and the quality of agricultural products, thereby improving agricultural production efficiency.

By promoting our product, we can also raise public awareness of environmental protection and food and drinking water safety. Through cadmium testing paper, people are more informed about the quality of food and water sources, which encourages them to pay more attention to healthy eating and sustainable consumption and to be more concerned about heavy metal components in food and water sources. This will contribute to advocating a more environmentally friendly and health-conscious society, promoting the development of the environmental protection industry, and creating an atmosphere of building an environmentally conscious society.

In addition to its impact on human society, cadmium pollution also causes severe damage to the ecological environment, affecting the sustainability of water bodies, soil, and ecosystems. Using cadmium testing paper can help identify pollution sources early and take action to reduce environmental pollution, which contributes to the protection of natural resources and ecosystems and the maintenance of ecological balance.

Lastly, Cadmium testing paper provides accurate cadmium concentration data, which helps scientists and government agencies better understand the distribution and impact of cadmium. Such data can be used to formulate more effective environmental policies and resource allocation plans, improving resource utilization efficiency and reducing the costs of environmental protection projects. This not only helps improve environmental quality but also promotes sustainable development and ecological balance. Therefore, the promotion of cadmium testing paper is of great significance to society, the environment, and the economy.

Our business value has gained recognition from several companies, and we have received sponsorship for our current experimental equipment from companies such as Novozan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Dongna Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Norman Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and others. In the future, we will initiate a seed round of financing with a planned fundraising target of 3 million RMB.

The following document represents our business plan:

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