A Time Bomb
in the Brain

01.Progressive brain disorder

02.Accumulation of B-amyloid

03.Brain schrinkage, cell deaths

Most common cause of dementia

· Gradual decline in

· Memory

· Thinking ability

· Social skills

· Medications
Slow down the progression of symptoms
· Currently no cure
The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease at the age of 65 is generally around 3% to 7%
The chance of getting Alzheimer's disease generally reaches a staggering 25% by the age of 85
Alzheimer's can
live for an aver-
age of three
to seven years
Loss of memory
Loss of function
Aging population
along with the
Alzheimer's dis-
ease is RAPIDLY
FIFTH leading
cause of death.
The annual cost
of treatment is
A membrane protein called α2A-AR
What's our Goal?
Transportation of the protein and the protein content
How to do it?
Transportation of the protein and the protein content
Further goal?
Sell our process to pharmaceutical companies
We are a team from the iGEM
Competition High School group,
aiming to keep the best memories