Dry Team
My name is Zhibo Cheng. I like playing basketball and soccer. I like painting to relax in my daily life. My major is in the field of business. I participate in iGEM this time because I hope to have better understanding and more experience in the field of business. I also hope to get to know more people.
Cheng Zhibo
My name is Liu Ziyu.I come from China Nanjing. I have a wide range of hobbies.Such as playing basketball,making Warhammer miniature model and so on. I entered iGEM to improve my idividual academic level.Also our team might make contribution for all humankind
Liu Ziyu
My name is WU SHI-YU. My nationality is Taiwan, China. I am introverted and I attend school at Nanjing International School. I enjoy coding games and making Gundam models. My field at Igem include orgainising and coding the WiKi site. I look forward in corporating with my iGEM teammates.
Hello, everyone my name is Wang Shaowei .One of the members of this iGEM training . Now I am reading at Hefei No.8 High School International Department .I also have lots of habits like the guitar , violin , piano and football, basketball , and my favourite profession is the business administration . In my opinion , my team is the best ,because we are very unity ,and the profession knowledge not inferior to anyone .Therefore we will win the competition . Because we are the best!
Wang Shaowei
Wet Team
My name is Songyuan Sun,i am a big fan of biology. I like singing,writing stories and playing volleyball. I would like to study neurosciences or immunology when i attend university. I want to learn more about how biology experiments work in university,so i chose to join this iGEM competetion. I am looking forward to enjoying the whole process of it.
Sun Songyuan
I'm Yicheng Deng,coming from Wuhan.I come to participate the iGEM to experience the academic atmosphere. I like playing soccer and basketball.I'm interested in computer games as well. I hope we can do something meaningful during the iGEM.So I will try our best to complete the project.
Deng Yicheng
My name is Yihan Wang. I come from Anhui. My major subject are biology and environment. I like playing basketball and football. I sometimes play some computer games to relax. I can play the guitar as well. I do well in math and biology during the school days. I have great interest in these subjects. This time I choose to participate the iGEM competition in order to having some experience about biology experiment. During this competition, I hope that our group member can have a good relationship and avoid having some conflict.
Wang Yihan
My name is Yongheng Xie. I am from China. I love playing basketball and enjoy watching the NBA immensely. I believe it's a wonderful way to relieve pressure, and my friends and I often gather together to watch the games. Additionally, I have a strong passion for Chemistry, and I achieved a perfect score of 5 in AP Chemistry. Lastly, I am excited about my upcoming experience in iGEM and hope to achieve satisfying results with my teammates.
Xie Yongheng
"My name is Renchi Jin. I come from Nanjing. I am currently attend Canadian program of Jinling High School Hexi Campus International Department. I like eating and sometimes play games online. Actually, I don't have some special hobbies. I like Chemistry best. Finally, I wish I can get along with team members in iGEM and have a good time. "
Jin Renchi
I am HAORAN MA, I come from Nanjing chin. My majors are Math, Further Math, Chemistry and Physics. I am good at Math, Physics and Chemistry. I am outgoing in thinking and overcoming difficulties. I am glad to join the IGEM team and work with my team mates. I am Hope all of us would get our ideal result.
Ma Haoran
Hello. My name is Tianyu Ding. I'm from Anhui. I'm currently attending high school in an international school in Hefei, Anhui. I want to be a psychiatrist in the future. Actually,I don't have any special hobbies. I prefer travelling. I think growing up must be on the way. The reason why I chose to participate in iGEM is that I like biology very much. This time, I am also honoured to be a member of our team to carry out the study with you. Thank you.
Ding Tianyu
It’s my great honor to enter iGEM and study with outstanding classmates and teachers. My name is Zijin Zhang, a 16 years old student who come from Shanxi Xi’an . I am good at chemistry, but there’s still quite a lot knowledge that I need to learn .Anyway, I’m looking forward to completing the project together with my team and hope that we can achieve a satisfied result.
Zhang Zijin
Hello, my name is Ruien Liang. I have always been interested in biochemistry, I have learned a lot about it, and I have read many books about it. I usually enjoy drawing, playing guitar and writing. This time, I am honored to participate in iGEM with other students, and I hope that we can achieve a satisfactory result.
Liang Ruien