Bioreactor Design

The inception of the project involved a dream to engineer the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica to produce bio-jet fuel in a sustainable and scalable way. To cater to the huge demands of the aviation sector, we need a huge infrastructure and financial investment to scale it up to that level. One of the necessary elements in this process is the bioreactor, where the engineered organism will grow on a very large scale and produce the desired product, which will be in a pool of other things and needs to be processed before usage.

This is an artistic representation of how our bioreactor would be. The scale taken here is 100 L but we will first start with smaller volumes like 5 L and keep optimizing conditions and increasing the capacity of the reactor.

Gif: Our Bioreactor Implementation

Before we came up with the design of our bioreactor, we sought advice from people who have more experience and expertise in the same.

We had to look through and consider the following constraints in order to come up with our own bioreacter design:

Further, some of the essential features of our bioreacter: