• CHAN Daniel

    • Conducted Experiment 1 and analyzed the data to draw conclusions from it.
    • Reached out to NGOs and government officials for more in-depth information about how cereulide causes impacts on society.
    • Participated in volunteering activities related to food preparation to learn more about how NGOs process their food and how much emphasis they put on food safety.
    • Prepared and hosted the SYNBIOX, a mini-class and workshop, at UCCKE

  • CHEN Hsi Chen

    • Designed the webpage frame and coded the wiki pages, creating an organized and visually appealing platform
    • Provided assistance in circuit modeling, cereulide distribution model coding, and conducted research on degradation tag library methodologies
    • Built a hardware app with image classication for test kit results, contributing to the development of practical tools for the project
    • Prepared for and participated in the iGBA symposium, and engaged in collaborative meetings with other iGEM teams

  • CHEUNG Tung Po

    • Preparation of over 200 batches of competent B. subtilis cells
    • Carrying out ad-hoc lab duties for other experiments
    • Participating as an actor in promotion video
    • Conducting preliminary market and competitor analysis during the ideation stage

  • CHOY Wing Hei

    • Project Administration - Organised and led many IHP events, including podcast recordings, interviews with business owners and professors, creating Synthetic Sunday stories, co-hosting iGBA in Zhuhai, holding the iGEM Booth and writing up the IHP wiki pages.
    • Public engagement - Conducted surveys and interviewed business owners to collect their views on b. cereus contamination, and raise public awareness toward cereulide poisoning at the same time. Recorded 4 podcast episodes to provide entertainment and educational content about synthetic biology for the public. Published Synthetic Sunday stories to spread interesting news about synthetic biology.
    • Visualisation: Designed the project poster, infographics of our project findings and data research, as well as creating Instagram stories and posts for our team. Participated in the production of the promotion video as a scriptwriter and actor.
    • Writing - Writing up the IHP wiki pages, podcast scripts, survey findings and data storytelling of cereulide cases worldwide.

  • FUNG Ching Nam

    • Performing initial trials for potassium ion efflux, biofilm experiments
    • Assist in interlab experiments
    • Assist in data analysis of experiments
    • Preliminary research on choice of chassis, sensing mechanism, experimental design
    • Propose utilizing the two-component system in B. subtilis as the sensing module of the circuit

  • JOSH Bennet Tang

    • Room Bookings for General Meetings
    • Update Team and Advisors about Internal Changes (Membership Changes, Project Direction Changes, etc.)
    • Helped research methodologies for Model creation and Sobol Analysis
    • Helped Research Wiki Design Ideas

  • KIM Hyejun

    • Performed experiment 1: biofilm formation
    • Write script for the presentation video
    • Assisted in researching hydrophobic modification of hydrogel for the biosensor
    • Assisted in hardware experiments

  • LAU Hoi Ying

    • Constructing Circuit Model, sensitivity analysis and model fitting with preliminary research on phosphorelay kinetics, kinetics of potassium efflux due to K+ ionophore and circuit components
    • Side projects: Cereulide distribution - Image processing while assisting in Cereulide distribution model (Coding & Experimental design) & assist of Hardware app
    • Proposed modeling cereulide production with temperature cooling effect versus time and assisting in Cereulide Production model (Research) Circuit design
    • Assisting in the design of primers for testing out the degradation tag library and assisting in data analysis of experiments

  • LAI Chak Long

    • Prepared competent B.subtilis and involved following specific protocols and ensuring the cells were competent
    • Involved in designing, performing, troubleshooting, analyzing and writing wiki contents for Potassium ion Efflux Experiment

  • MOK Ngai Tang

    • Performing the potassium ion efflux experiment and troubleshooting failed experiments
    • Conducting preliminary market and competitor analysis
    • Researching on potential stakeholders
    • Conceptualizing the promotional and presentation video
    • Documenting The 1st iGEM Greater Bay Area Synthetic Biology Industry–Academia-Research Forum in Zhuhai, China

  • PANG Chun Pan

    • Performing 3D protein modelling for degradation tag library
    • Coding for wiki pages using basic computer language(html+css, Javascript)
    • Conducting time-point experiment for degradation tag library
    • Conducting all interlab experiments

  • Rakshita RUPANI

    • Conducted Experiment 1 and troubleshooted the experiment numerous times throughout the summer by testing with different culture media, incubation periods, dilutions, etc.
    • Initiated Synthetic Sunday (weekly updates of synthetic biology news) and wrote the content for 7+ weeks.
    • Volunteered at organizations such as Food Angel in order to learn more about their awareness and proactiveness against cereulide.
    • Reached out to 50+ schools to see if they were interested in participating in our series.

  • SO Lok Yee

  • Conducted experiments related to biofilm formation of B.Sub with and without the influence of valinomycin
  • Data analysis of experimental results
  • Constructed graphs after data analysis
  • TEMIRBEKOV Yerassyl

    • Proposal for cereulide distribution, development of sub-project
    • Experiment design for cereulide distribution modeling (data acquisition method, 3d modeling of experimental setup)
    • Initial versions of visualization and data processing software

  • YEUNG Sen

    • Coordinate the Zhuhai, China, venue for the first iGEM Greater Bay Area Synthetic Biology Industry-Academic-Research Forum.
    • Conduct all time point experiments on circuit
    • Analysis data of experiments
    • Conducted all interlab experiments
    • Assist in data analysis of experiments

  • WONG Chun Fung

    • Conducted preliminary research on award requirements, past iGEM team achievements, public awareness of cereulide poisoning, and organized meetings with other teams.
    • Conducted preliminary research on B.cereus and cereulide production, also participated in biofilm experiment
    • Took on administrative responsibilities

  • WONG Kei Hong

    • Proposing the idea of the team project
    • Performing the potassium ion efflux experiment and troubleshooting failed experiments for more than 15 times.
    • Writing wiki content with more than 2000 words for potassium efflux experiment, B subtilis competent cell preparation and general protocols.
    • Conducting preliminary market and competitor analysis during the ideation stage
    • Researching on the project problem

  • WONG Nga Man

    • Designing user manual and preparing the Test Kit Package for on-site detection of cereulide
    • Preparing materials for experiments including chemicals, cell cultures and plates etc.
    • Fine-tuned Protocol for B.Subtilis Gel Based Biosensor production, including the scale and material of gel, as well as cell culture and performance optimization
    • Conduct several time-points experiments to inspect cells’ and spores’ sensing ability in LB and hydrogel using the plate reader
    • Analyzing and visualizing data collected on plate reader, proving that PVA-PEG gel could enhance the performance of engineered B.Subtilis in terms of fluorescence signal output and processing efficiency

  • WONG Zhiping

    • Coordinate the 1st iGEM Greater Bay Area Synthetic Biology Industry–Academia-Research Forum in Zhuhai, China
    • Designed and source team souvenirs eg stickers, keychains and team wear
    • Organise the production, produced animation, assist with filming, wrote script and provided chinese version of subtitle for promotional video
    • Managed our team Instagram page
    • Conduct interlab experiments

  • ZHENGLOV David

    • Research on the potassium efflux model
    • Coding for the potassium efflux model (kinetics of valinomycin-mediated K+ ion transport + overall rate of change of [K+])
    • Building cereulide production model (coding, research and fitting data)
    • Analyzed data for the cereulide production model


  • Daye KWON

    • Modeling Tutorials Instructor
    • Dry Lab Modeling Consultant

  • HSIU Ou Ning

    • Circuit & Laboratory Experiment Consultant

  • Jihye PARK

    • Wet Lab Tutorials instructor
    • Hardware Consultant

  • Leon Ritchie SALIM

    • Circuit & Laboratory Experiment Consultant
    • Dry Lab Modeling Consultant

  • Leong CHENG

    • Integrated Human Practice (IHP) Consultant
    • Dry Lab Modeling Consultant

  • NGAI Man Yee

    • Hardware & Deliverables Consultant

  • CHAU Cheuk Yui Sherman

    • Wet Lab Tutorials Instructor
    • Circuit & Laboratory Experiment Consultant

  • Yi Kai CHAN, Deja

    • Wet Lab Tutorials Instructor


  • Prof. King CHOW

    • PI of HKUST iGEM Team

  • Dr. Jessica TANG

    • PI of HKUST iGEM Team

  • Prof. Coral PUIG

    • Instructor of 2023 HKUST iGEM Team
    • Marketing Consultant


  • Professor Henry LAM

    Professor Henry LAM

    • He provided guidance on modeling and parameter configurations.

  • Professor Marshal LIU

    Professor Marshal LIU

    • He provided guidance on prototype design and implementation.

  • Professor Fei, Sun

    Professor Fei, Sun

    • He provide guidance on the properties of Bacillus subtilis cells and spores in hydrogel matrix for biosensor hydrogel construction.

  • Professor Fei, Gan

    Professor Fei, Gan

    • She is one of our guest speakers in our podcast series, sharing with us her synthetic biology research journey.

  • Professor Huang Jiandong

    Professor Huang Jiandong

    • He is one of our guest speakers in our podcast series, sharing with us his experience of engineering intranasal spray as a virus trap to provide effective protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection.

  • Professor Yong, Lai

    Professor Yong, Lai

    • He is one of the guest speakers in our podcast series, sharing with us the prospects of synthetic biology in the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong.

  • Professor Stanley Sit

    Professor Stanley Sit

    • He shared with us the food safety and preventive measures at HKUST.
    • He highlighted and reminded the importance of food safety protocols and the need for ongoing monitoring and improvement.

  • Professor Samuel Yu

    Professor Samuel Yu

    • He provided us guidance on developing whole-cell biosensors, especially on the biosafety for test kit implementation.

  • Mr Kachin Wong, CEO of SPES Tech

    Mr Kachin Wong, CEO of SPES Tech

    • He provided guidance on testing engineered Bacillus Subtilis cells and spores in a hydrogel matrix for biosensor hydrogel construction.


Other iGEM Teams

    We would like to thank all iGEM teams for sharing their projects and providing us with valuable comments and suggestions during event organisation, visits and Zoom meetings.