PAM ConAligner


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PAMComAligner is integrated as software and can even create gRNA by executing

  1. Save the sequence you want to knock out in a directory.
  2. Add an argument to with the file path you just specified.
  3. Then run the following command to create gRNA (20 base spacer sequence + PAM sequence 'NGG')
python --input_gene_path 'your_direct/your_file.fasta'

How to see the output of PAMConAligner

  • Target: gRNA
  • Ratio: Percentage of the sequences that can be recognized by gRNAs among the collected sequences.
  • Average DNA Distance Matrix: A measure of the common ancestry of the populations that can be recognized by gRNAs, which can be calculated based on evolutionary distance. (See engineering for details.)
  • Off-Target Rate: Percentage of off-targets
  • id: specific to NCBI database
  • Actual sequence: (blue where gRNAs recognize it)

For example, if the coagulase gene is set as the input sequence:


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