We are immensely grateful for the generous support of our partners, without whom our projects and project objectives would not have been attainable. Our heartfelt thanks go out to our dedicated instructors and all the advisers who played crucial roles in our project's success. Additionally, we extend our profound appreciation to our sponsors for their invaluable contributions.

General support from our PI

Professor H. IWAHASHI: He lent me his laboratory and some equipment. He also made payments on behalf of us in relation to iGEM.
Professor T. YABE: As a secondary PI, he carried out various administrative procedures on our behalf. He also provided us with information on phage.

Technical support from other professionals

Professor Nakagawa (Gifu University): He helped us with giving technical advice.
Professor Ebihara (Gifu University): We received thorough advice on experimental methods, including new and effective approaches.

Laboratory support

Applied Microbiology laboratory of Gifu University

Education Support

Mr. Matsuoka of Dongles Co., Ltd. and the teachers of Ibigawa Junior High School.