Our Team

Team Leads

Elizabeth Moore

Team Lead

Elizabeth is a Biomedical Engineering major. She served as the team lead for the project.

Sai Devulapalli

Associate Team Lead & Entrepreneurship Lead

Sai is majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a Specialization in Biomaterials & Biopolymers as well as minors in Commercial Entrepreneurship, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Sai led the Education efforts for the team, while also contributing a central role towards the Design Model of E. esperance. Sai was pivotal in orchestrating successful collaborations with Professors in Academia, Industry Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Healthcare Experts.

Engineering Team

Graeme Pugsley

Build Team Lead

Graeme is a junior Chemical Engineering major and minor in Chemistry, Japanese, and Physics. He was the build team lead for our project. He was reponsible for all the laboratory work. This involved keeping the laboratory inventory updated, reading literature, creating experimental protocols, training other lab members, collaborating with the FSU Biological Department and the Colorado Children's Hospital, and ensuring that all of the experiments were run. He is interested in Ph.D. programs after his time at FSU.

Eva Lobaton

Design Team Lead

Eva is a senior majoring in biochemistry. She was the design team lead for our project. She lead the efforts of documenting our teams basic parts and biological devices. She intends on going to medical school after her time at FSU.

Sonali Shakya

Sonali is a senior majoring in Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry. She was a part of the Build team and created the Cookbook.

Talia Valentine

Talia is a senior in the interdisciplinary medical science program and works at the local hospital as a surgical technician. She was responsible for the initial research and design as well as team graphics.

Hanna Yilmaz-Rodriguez

Hanna is a Biomedical Engineering major and chemistry minor. She aspires to go to medical school. She was a member of the build team and led the efforts for our contribution project, learning about flow cytometry for the BIOFAB project and developing work for future collaboration with Beth Alexander, our flow cytometry expert via FSU's College of Medicine.

Vicenzo DeVito

Modeling Team Lead

     Vicenzo, an applied mathematics major, applied his mathematical skills to help the 2023 FSU iGem team. He did so by reviewing literature, collecting data pertaining to the project, formulating the model's equations, creating visual charts, and programming the in silico simulations. In addition, he met with biomathematicians and pharmacokineticians to discuss and refine the model. By working with the engineering team, he was able to tweak the model around the projects changing needs.


John Amos

John is majoring in Entrepreneurship. He co-led the entrepreneurship efforts. He used his knowledge of economics and market strategy to find an efficient way to take our product to market as well as finding and meeting with individuals who had information that would prove valuable to the cause.

Jolene Samaria

Jolene is a senior in FSU’s STEM Entrepreneurship program. She co-led the entrepreneurship efforts. Her double minor in Pre-health & Sociology gave her a unique approach to the entrepreneurial process. One that synced the fundamental components of the Triple Bottom Line (people, planet, profit) into the foundation of E. esperance, while focusing on the social enterprise impact of our product in the health market. Thereby allowing Jolene to contribute to the development of E.esperance’s distinguishable business model.

Human Practices

Christian Suastegui

HP Co-Lead

Christian is a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in cellular and biological processes. Through IGEM, Christian aims to learn about the world of Synthetic Biology and is excited to network with professionals and teams throughout the world.

Colton Keib

HP Co-Lead

Colton is majoring in Exercise Physiology, with a minor in both biology and chemistry. Colton plans to attend medical school and surgical residency to complete his path of becoming a Cardiothoracic surgeon.


Prerna Ravinder

Prerna is a senior Interdisciplinary Social Science, Computer Programming and Applications major. She was responsible for the creation of our team wiki, ensuring our team's skills and information was conveyed properly.


Cesar Rodriguez

Cesar provided mentorship and support to our whole team, particularly the engineering team. He ensured that the team was meeting all deadlines and faciliated the ordering of all of our lab supplies. The team cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for us!

David Montez

Dave provided mentorship to the Human Practices subteam and unwavering encouragment and support to the rest of the team. He also faciliated securing travel funds for the team and made all travel arrangements. Without him, we wouldn't have been able to attend the Jamboree. The team is forever grateful for him!