Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual in BioRender

Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual (SBOL Visual), plays a pivotal role in advancing the field of synthetic biology by providing a standardized format for specifying and communicating biological designs. Its importance lies in facilitating the exchange of biological design information among biotechnologists and bioengineers worldwide. By adopting SBOL, teams can accurately document their biological designs, making it easier for other teams to understand, replicate, and build upon their work. The 2022 FSU iGEM Team recognized the significance of SBOL Visual and an effort was made to integrate the language glyphs into BioRender, a popular commercial web application for drawing biological diagrams, for future iGEM teams. To help others further navigate the world of SBOL Visual, we created another valuable resource for the SBOL Visual glyphs in Biorender in the form of a video tutorial. This tutorial simplifies the process of using SBOL Visual, making it accessible to a broader audience and promoting the adoption of this standardized language, ultimately accelerating progress in synthetic biology research for future generations of iGEM teams.

BIOFAB Collection Curation

BBa_K2832180 is apFAB51 in the BIOFAB Collection. BBa_K2832180 (apFAB51)is an engineered constitutive promoter. The BIOFAB Collection has constitutive promoters,ribosome entry sites, and transcription terminators. The collection is curated by the FSU iGEM teams. The FSU iGEM teams are measuring all the parts in the BIOFAB Collection so they are useful to the iGEM community. Click on the link to read about the measurement of BBa_K2832180 (apFAB51).