Gout "Firefighter" Probiotics
Let the pain go with the probiotics!

About Our Project

Our team is committed to developing a drug with probiotics as the main ingredient to reduce uric acid levels in people with high uric acid levels by expressing "uric acid oxidase", helping the public prevent gout.

About gout

4-6% of people suffer from gout

Excessie uric acid leads to gout

14 million patients in China

Current Data

Gout population in China


Prevalence of hyperuricemia

10% - 15%

Global prevalence of gout

1% - 6.8%

People with hyperuricemia and gout in 2030

1.42 billion

Research in Global

pathogenesis, prevention, treatment

Treatment of gout

Pathogenesis of gout

  • • Environment
  • • Lifestyle
  • • Heredity

Prevention of gout

  • • Control diet
  • • Lifestyle habits
  • • Reduce weight
  • • Limit alcchol
Drug therapy

No treatment for gout?

  • • joint disability
  • • kidney impairment
  • • Cardiovascular damage

Non-drug therapy

Current medicines

  • • Liver and kidney damage
  • • Lack of targeted gout medications
Project Goal
Improvement from past weaknesses





No negative

side effects

Reduce Uric



Pose no

hazard to all

age groups

Probiotics in play, gout can't stay
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