Due to aging population and unhealthy lifestyles,
the incidence of
is on the rise.
In 2020, global new cancer cases reached a staggering strong 19 million, and China stood at the forefront with a daunting 4.57 million cases.
Cancer not only inflicts physical and psychological pain to patients but also poses a threat to their lives.
China Domestic Death Toll
Global Death Toll
However, there is still a lack of safe and effective cancer treatments.
Traditional therapies have several drawbacks.
Painful Treatment Process
Heavy Economic Burden
Inadequate Effectiveness
Strong Side Effects
In order to mitigate the aforementioned challenges during the cancer treatment process, BNUZH-China 2023 has devised a novel tumor therapy mediated by engineered bacteria - FeFighterS
FeFighterS - Engineered Bacteria Induce Ferroptosis in Tumor Cells
As for our mission?
We aim to alleviate patients' suffering
during treatment and bolster their odds of survival.
Explore our project and join us in the fight against cancer!

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