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Communication & Collaboration

Collaboration with BIT-China

In the conceptulization stage, we had a discussion with BIT-China on multiple proposals.


Communication with Dr. Boxiang Wang, LINK-SPIDER Co., Ltd.

Our project is based on the success of LINKS_China 2020 and GreatBay_SZ 2020, so we highly value the technical exchange with Dr. Boxiang Wang, advisor of LINKS_China 2020 and founder and CTO of LINK-SPIDER Co., Ltd. Dr. Wang offered a lot of advice on experiments.

我们的项目基于LINKS_China 2020和GreatBay_SZ 2020的成功,因此我们高度重视与LINKS_China 2020的指导老师、灵蛛科技的创始人与CTO王博祥博士的技术交流。王博祥老师在实验方面提供了很多建议。

Communication with Mr. Yilong Xu, team leader of 2021 SCU-China

Mr. Yilong Xu provided us with advice on establishing an experimental protocol for the electrotransformation of Vibrio natriegens.


Synbio Challenges

Synbio Challenges is a series of competitions and communication activities themed Synthetic Biology, held in Shenzhen.

Synbio Challenges在深圳举办,是一系列以合成生物学为主题的竞赛和交流活动。

Visiting the research infrastructure and synbio start-ups in Shenzhen


Sharing our proposal at a conference


Communication with Dr. Yongguang Jiang, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Dr. Yongguang Jiang is a researcher on Geobacter sp., and we met him in Synbio Challenges, Shenzhen by coincidence. He provided the latest research trends and theories on "e-pili".

蒋永光博士是地杆菌领域的的研究者,我们在深圳的Synbio Challenges在巧合之中遇到了他。他提供了关于“导电菌毛”的最新研究进展和学说。

Conference of China iGEMer Community (CCiC)

The Conference of China iGEMer Community (CCiC) is the largest platform for iGEM teams in China to exchange each year. Tongji China participated in the 10th CCiC online.


Communication with CPU-China

We had a discussion with Ziyang Huang in ShenZhen during the Synbio Challenges, a former leader of CPU-China, and received feedbacks from him.


Tongji-China and CPU-China had online communications on the topic of pilus during CCiC and Synbio Challenges.

在CCiC和Synbio Challenges期间,Tongji-China和CPU-China以菌毛为主题进行了在线交流。

Communication with UESTC-China

We provided advice on their project. And we discussed the possibility of further collaboration on a card game themed synthetic biology.


Communication with DUT-China

We discussed our projects continuously due to some intrinsic similarities in design. We held virtual synposium during the 10th CCiC, and met in Shenzhen during the Synbio Challenges .

我们不断地讨论我们的项目,因为在我们的设计有一些内在的相似性。我们在CCiC期间举行了线上会议,并在Synbio Challenges期间在深圳会晤。

Collaboration with BIT-China

We have Co-founded eatGEM, an education project on synthetic biology, and Tongji-China firstly proposed its current form.


Foundation of an iGEMer reginal liaison mechanism - Yangtzi River Delta iGEM Association

Some of the initiate team representatives of Yangtzi River Delta iGEM Association (Tongji-China was not present due to an occasional scheduling conflict).


The Global Health Equity Symposiuma

We participated in the Global Health Equity Symposium hosted by Michigan Synthetic Biology Team and discussed how our projects may promote health equity.