Medal Requirements

Medal Requirements

     Our team has completed the following deliverables required for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals.

Bronze Medal Deliverables

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1. Wiki

2. Judging Form — then enter ''Thailand-RIS''

3. Project Attributions

4. Project Description & Inspiration

5. Contribution

    a. Part Registry Entry here: part BBa_K4629000

6.Project Promotion Video

Silver Medal Deliverables


This page details our team's progress through the engineering cycle: After conducting research by surveying farmers and the general public, we devised a strategy to tackle the identified issue of environmental stressors affecting crop yields. The approach to test our hypothesis for resolving this issue is outlined in the engineering section: mDZGCL was tested against GFP in three different types of stress and phenotype changes were observed.

More information here: Engineering

Part Registry Entry here: part BBa_K4629001

Human Practices

This page includes the outreach and education we conducted during our project. We planned and carried out three interactive experiences based on genetic engineering in plants as a possible solution to reduce climate induced stress. This allowed us to better understand how our project may affect society, and also spread awareness of synthetic biology to the general public.

More information here: Human Practices

Gold Medal Deliverables

Excellence in Synthetic Biology

Our team uploaded an engineered part to the Parts Registry for the Best New Basic Part Category

More information here: Engineering Success

Part Registry entry here: part BBa_K4629001


Our team is submitting specializations in the Best Integrated Human Practices and Inclusivity Award categories. The two pages below highlight the accomplishments within our project that qualify us to receive prizes in these two categories.

1. Human Practices

2. Inclusivity