New Basic Parts Registry

Our team used the enzyme glutamate-cysteine ligase of Durio zibethinus, referred to as DzGCL, as the basis for our project. GCL is an enzyme which produces the precursor elements of glutathione (GSH) in the chloroplast. GSH increases effectiveness of plant stress response as it mitigates increased levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

The amino acid sequence of DzGCL was obtained from the NCBI database (accession number: XP_022738907.1).

Our team has listed the gene DzGCL in the parts registry as part BBa_K4629000.

Additionally, our team also modified DzGCL by removing the chloroplast transit peptide and replacing it with a mitochondrial transit peptide to form the gene mDzGCL. It is listed as part BBa_K4629001. Additional information regarding the design of mDzGCL can be found in the Engineering section.