Medals & Arwards

“Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” - Dan Gable

Bronze Medal

Competition DeliverablesWe have successfully finished the following items: Wiki, Project Promotion Video, Team Presentation, and Judging Form. 
Project AttributionsOn our Attributions Wiki page, we expressed our appreciation and recognition for the assistance and support we received from individuals who played a crucial role in this project. 
Project DescriptionYou can find the details of our project outlined on our Description Wiki page. 
ContributionWe have expanded the knowledge base for future iGEM teams by introducing the paraE sequence, a new inducible promoter in Bacillus Subtilis that can be regulated using arabinose. Our work also includes the development of Lactobacillus Crispatus as a new chassis for future uses and the creation of an accessible genetic engineering system for L. crispatus by knocking out the natural tetracycline gene. Additionally, we have created educational resources such as a video game and a comprehensive high-level seminar. For further information, please visit our Contributions page.

Silver Medal

Engineering SuccessEmploying the engineering design cycle, we effectively tackled several challenges: we surmounted hurdles in B. subtilis transformation, validated the functionality of our new component through precise measurements and data analysis, and advanced L. Crisparus as a fresh chassis. For additional details, please explore our Engineering Success page.
Human PracticesTo assess the positive impact of our efforts on a global scale, as well as possible ethical and environmental complications, we collaborated with a range of experts in the field who shared their insights, enhancing the precision, prospects, and relevance of our project. Additionally, we distributed an anonymous survey among the people who suffer from UTIs. For more detailed information, please explore our Human Practices page.

Gold Medal

New Basic PartOur team has undertaken optimization and design work on the original paraE sequence, which serves as the promoter for the araE gene in Bacillus Subtilis. In addition, we have characterized and validated the functionality of this part. We have successfully refined and standardized it into BioBrick-compliant biological components. For comprehensive documentation and further insights into this part's functionality, we invite you to explore our page for the Parts.
Integrated Human PracticesEngaging with both industry and academic partners provided us with valuable insights across various aspects of our project. This ranged from Brainstorming our work strategy and identifying the experts to consult with has set our plan in motion. We have engaged doctors to uncover gaps in urinary tract infection treatment methods, talked with experts about shaping our experimental phases, sought industry insights, considered potential impacts with an ethics expert, and designed a comprehensive survey to align our product with community needs. For further information, please visit our Integrated Human Practices page.
Best EducationIn the current era, where technology is rapidly advancing, it is important to adopt a proactive and multifaceted approach to educate and engage various communities in the field of synthetic biology. We have utilized a diverse range of creative and interactive tools while placing a strong emphasis on ethics and inclusivity. For more information enter our Education page.